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Hi welcome to my channel So today we are going to be cooking

It's one of my favorite things so, you know Okay, so we're gonna be making honey walnut shrimp, umm But yeah, let's get to it Let's get going and doing the thing So, something that you're supposed to be doing is grabbing a medium-sized bowl, putting egg whites in it Okay, so I have these kinds of egg whites Um, so I guess it's really just a guessing game I've never made these before so hopefully I don't put too many

Um, but you know what? If so Whateverrr It'll be fine Alrighty, so I am going to be using this lovely thing Yeah, I'm gonna be using this What are the

Okay, so the serving size is 3 T- 3 tablespoons Like okay, so I'm supposed to have a pound of shrimp for a serving so hang on Okay, so there's six ounces Googles: How many ounces are in a pound? Sixteen ounces! six ounces So 16 ounces Let me do Math

I'm looking at the recipe WHICH, by the way, I'll put the link down below to the recipe that I found That I'm deviating from So that you guys can do it 16 ounces

6 ounces 16 is not divisible by six So it's like 28? So Maybe like eight tablespoons? Why not? Okay! So, one tablespoon

(laughs) We're gonna do how many? Eiight That was a reminder for me Alright, one I lost track

Eight! Maybe We're supposed to whisk it until it's Foamy? I didn't- I don't know how it gets foamy from whisking, but we will see

Ooo Yeah Woo I didn't know that egg whites could be frothy But you know Next, we are supposed to be Stirring in something called Mochiko flour I used quinoa flour because that just sounds healthier Okay, so we did Eight tablespoons of egg whites That was about two point something

So we need less than two-thirds of a cup 1/4 cup of flour 1/4 We're gonna do that

I freaking hate fractions Okay Cool! It's said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results I Almost did that

So 1/4 Hopefully, it's not too much Because I can't do math So we're supposed to whisk it until there's a pasty consistency So, I'm the only one that's gonna eat this so like me sticking my hand in it Is whatever

just a little bit gross though Not really It's not really gross and I'm just acting Lilke Fancy schmancy

That was lame I think this is pasty I think so

Let me show you What it looks like The next thing that we're gonna do is we are going to fry the shrimp

It calls for one cup of oil However, That means That we need I'm just gonna do half a cup of oil I'm gonna use Avocado oil because that's what I use all the time And that's what I have I just thought about something This doesn't really seem like batter

I think it's too liquidy Okay, so I'm gonna be adding more quinoa flour Making it into batter

I think I need more egg whites now I don't want it to be pasta I want it to be Batter Now onto the oil Okay, so it called for a skillet I'm not doing that I'm gonna be using this Avocado oil It might be healthier I don't know I just know it's avacado And avocados are supposed to be healthy Half a cup of avacado oil is what we're doing I don't think it's gonna be deep enough (Thinking: "That's what she said

") I'm gonna put this on the stove! It says medium heat I don't know what that means

Never did So I'm just gonna heat it up Burps I'm gonna get another bowl I forgot what goes in here Mayonnaise, honey And milk Little do I know, my camera can only do 12 minutes So it kind of cut off and I didn't realize it

I put the mayonnaise You missed it It was super gross It made mayonnaise fart noises, And then honey

You're supposed to do two tablespoons of honey To make the mayonnaise taste go away And then you're supposed to do 1 tablespoon of Sweetened condensed milk, but I used regular milk That's the sauce It's It's 3:00 a

m Don't do anything at 3:00 am they say, well I say If your camera dies, and you're cooking, you better cook at 3:00 am I'm heating up the oil Um I'm so tired you guys I haven't eaten dinner I haven't eaten lunch You know what I ate? breakfast I think that the oil's Ready to fry the shrimp

We need to Dip the shrimp in the batter and fry it And hopefully *burps* it'll turn out great

So you dip it in the batter Completely This is so gross And then put it in there

It's already turning Golden-brown What we have to do is, we have to wait just a little bit Just a little while And then we'll get some out and put more in Um That's not great I splashed my eye *laughs* With the Aaah feck

I haven't ever fried anything at home before What I'm thinking that we can do is Since I didn't start cooking the quinoa I thought that this was gonna take longer I'm gonna put the stuff in the oven that way It has some time to just like, sit there That 3 am

's got me It is just Too Crazy Absolutely Delicious Wow, it kind of looks like funnel cake, but I know it's shrimp Okay you guys so, I wasn't able to find just normal pecans anywhere So I had to go and buy glazed pecans

I'm not going to show you guys how to make that, because there's no point in adding sugar to an already sugarified pecan Thing If you want, the link's in the description, you guys can look at it It's like, step by step so

If you guys can find a place that actually sells it I would love to know So I'm going to be adding this to the quinoa and the shrimp, and then I'm gonna be adding the sauce, so Side note: My stomach is growling while typing the captions

This is making me hungry Now's the best part of any meal The part where you eat, so like, I'm not going to eat the whole thing, obviously But, I do want to try it

And I'll let you guys know what I think It's really good This is really good I love the sauce So, um, yeah, I mean, I strongly recommend you guys do this Next time, it'll go much smoother

If you guys want, um, there's gonna be more of this obviously, you know, I love cooking So this is gonna be a little series on my channel And there's gonna be a traveling series, a cooking series, a DIY series Um

A vlog series when I get more comfortable And like, a couple of other things that I can't think of right now

But I do hope that um That this was entertaining I hope you liked it I hope you try Some stuff I do recommend not adding the quinoa

But definitely Hit subscribe Hit like Hit the notification Thingie I guess

I mean, this is like my first video so I don't know if It's too early to say that but hey if you liked it great If you didn't, I'm glad you made it to the end I'll see you guys later Oh, I'll also be posting once every week Because until I can Balance my work

work, school, and YouTube slash social media life I don't know what day yet, but I'm really excited because I've been looking forward to this for a long time I've just been too Scared to, I guess Leave a comment

Let me know if you guys try this I'm glad that you guys made it to the end Hopefully if you guys to try this, it's delicious for you guys as well It's actually really easy so You guys got this I don't know how to end it But yeah, See yaaa

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