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Cooking Banana Fritters | Easy and Simple Recipe



Good day, I'm Gerry For today's video, I am going to make banana fritters

The ingredients are Banana, Glutinous Rice Flour, and Cooking Oil for frying Firstly, you have to mash the bananas evenly You can choose a ripe or overripe banana Then, after mashing the banana, you can put the glutinous rice flour and mix it together until it becomes thick After that, you can put the cooking oil on the frying pan on medium heat

Then, you can put your mixture on the pan and fry it Once you notice that it is golden brown on both sides, it is cooked and ready to serve I remember when I was in my elementary day, my auntie cook this for our snack Thank you for watching my video Please like, comment, and subscribe

Have a good day

Source: Youtube

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