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Cooking Beef Tapa using Coke | Filipino Recipe | Foodie Pinoy



hi everyone welcome to another episode of foodie Pinoy today we're going to cook a version of Filipino breakfast dish beef tapa marinated in coca-cola top with crispy garlic here are the ingredients 400 grams beef cut into thin slices 4 cloves garlic mince 1/2 cup coca-cola 1/4 cup soy sauce salt pepper and 2 tbsp of sugar the first step is to marinate the beef add the soy sauce Cola sugar a pinch of salt and pepper give it a gentle mix to distribute the flavors equally keep the beef in the fridge and marinate for four hours after 4 hours we can now fry our beef but before we do that let's first make our crispy garlic toppings this is very simple to make place some oil in a pan enough to submerge the garlic immediately add the garlic and stir continuously while the oil gets hot do this in low to medium heat my pro tip is do not wait for the oil to get hot before adding the garlic the hot oil will surely burn the garlic be patient because this will turn golden brown in just a couple of minutes looking good once the garlic turned brown immediately removed from the pan to prevent from burning burnt garlic has a bitter taste and we do not want that set aside for a while in the meantime let's fry the beef using the same pan fry the beef in medium heat and cook until all the liquid evaporates this will take around five to six minutes once all the liquid evaporates give it a few mix to brown the beef equally I think this is done remove the beef from the pan and place in kitchen towel to train the excess oil and it's done arrange in the nice plate and top with crispy garlic the addition of crispy garlic leveled up the beef tapa giving it a nice crunch try this at home and give us a feedback if you like this recipe enjoy hi guys did you like this recipe let us know in the comment section below hit like if you enjoy this video this will help us know that you are enjoying our content if you haven't subscribed yet click subscribe button and make sure to click also the bell icon so you'll get notified once we release new videos until next time this is Foodie Pinoy saying goodbye and it's a wrap

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