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Cooking Homemade AUTHENTIC Asian Food (the best beef with broccoli recipe) | AMWF John Le VLog #22



man I just love that sound good evening everybody we decided to make beef and broccoli for dinner tonight it's currently 7:09 and Margaret wants to eat before 8:15 she was asking if I could do it and I said of course I can I personally think I can make this in 20 minutes or less so let's put a clock on quit laughing let's put a clock on and we'll see how we do also the rice is cooking and it says 23 minutes that doesn't count alright so here we have the meat that I've marinated this is chuck roast and I've marinated with a little bit of oyster sauce, a little bit of soy sauce and some sugar and I've been letting sit for about 10 minutes over here we have some bean sprouts and some broccoli normally you wouldn't have the bean sprouts in there but I did it as an added touch when we're at the store the broccoli weren't very good it was a little soft so that's why I decided to buy the bean sprouts to see if it would help for the sauce I'm gonna use this package of sauce made by Lee Kum Kee I think and it's supposed to help speed up the process they have instructions on the back on how to do this we start with the eye and let it get hot and a little bit of oil and let it get hot this is not called for but I'm gonna add a little spoon of garlic for taste then I'm going to add the meat in while I'm slaving away look at what Margaret is doing no joke proof feet up playing on her phone why don't you tell them how I already helped you meal prep, dear? this is just the norm this is just the norm man I just love that sound you can cook this until it's brown but I'm gonna go on and put the broccoli in I like my meat a little more rare the other way you can do this to pull a meat off and then cook the broccoli by itself if you want to cook them separately I haven't add any bean sprouts in there Margaret it's not a big fan of bean sprouts oh yeah look at that the broccoli is ready the meats ready to going to put one of these packages in look at that I'm going to serve up some rice okay this is my plate That's Margaret's plate I am going to turn this back on and cook my bean sprouts in here for just a minute all right and we are done all right, look at that all right, break it everybody, what time is it 7:41 7:41 you guys do the math and with cooking trying to record and all that and I did it in 40 minutes or in 20 minutes actually take a bite take a bite Wilson come on, do you want some treats? do you want some treats? better come what are you upset about bud? come on you better come on come on Wilson come on come on Wilson come on look! Wilson turn off the camera and he will come Wilson turn off the camera and he will come Wilson Wilson all right this is about time for us to eat I see I hoped you give it a try let me know what you think drop a comment below now he's going for the treat I think he knows when he's on camera don't be shy bud you know you're one of those parents who praises for eating ice cream no offense to anybody who does that hit the like button and subscribe if you haven't already come back for the next delicious recipe bye I skip the gym today hoping to get the grass mowed I'm trying to beat that before it rains guess the rain is here huh so we barely beat it but it's here isn't she cute cleaning up? see I said this is the part he aught to get on video this is clean up afterwards you know? because, i mean he cooks it all, but somebody has got to clean it this meal, costs us about seven dollars for the meat about three dollars for the vegetables and three dollars for the sauce and they made one plate for me one plate for Margaret and lunch for tomorrow lunch for next week I think we did pretty well that's how you pay for a house by having your own private dishwasher? no! by cooking dinner all right, now for real bye

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