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Cooking Medieval Food (recipes from a 14th century manuscript!)



Hello everyone! My name is Annie, and welcome to my channel Today I'm going to do something a little different, And I'm going to cook recipes that I found in medieval manuscripts And, against general opinion, medieval food even the food of the commoners, it didn't look like mud or disgusting

Or how it is represented in films And we know that because there are manuscripts cuisine from the medieval period And many of these manuscripts have scanned images online and I'll post links in the description so you can go and expolor these manuscripts As a student of medieval literature, what I thought I could do is search for these manuscripts and look at the recipes they have And they have some very interesting ones

So I thought it would be fun to choose three recipes that would be made in the medieval period and recreate them Because of a "certain thing" that is happening in the world right now I will not be able to find the best ingredients for these recipes all i have is what the supermarket down the street has And I don't have all of them either the right utensils that would have been used in the medieval period but I thought it would be fun to try to follow the recipes as if they were recipes that I found online So, let's start the video! The first recipe I chose is a "pottage" and a pottage is basically something that is cooked in a pan Very simple

AND I chose this one because it would be something that would be cooked and eaten regularly by people in different social classes and it’s basically a big soup And I took this recipe from a 14th century manuscript called "A form of cury" and "cury" meant cuisine in the medieval period and in that manuscript, it is specified that these recipes are for everyday foods and for special occasions as well with more spices and extravagant things and the pottage I chose it would be something more from day to day The recipe is very simple

Ask for onion, the white part of celery, Cabbage, and also asks saffron, which would be a symbol of social status in the medieval era it would be very expensive, and I can confirm that it is still quite expensive today We also have a mixture of spices called "pouder douce" Which is a mixture of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar The recipe calls for to boil the cabbage with onion celery, I did it and let it boil for a while after it was boiling I added the spices For saffron, I put it in hot water for the flavor to come out

And I added salt, I didn't say how much, so I guessed it and i added the mixture of the "pouder douce" and I mixed I let it boil for two hours, for the flavors to mix well, and it was like that! Ok, let's taste our pottage It's very tasty! Wow, I'm surprised There are some strange spices here! has a taste of a good cabbage soup, which is what the soup is, but I’m happy it’s a good cabbage soup, not a bad soup! It's very tasty, I'm going to eat dinner! But it's very hot! was a little worried that it was going to be weird with all the spices and cinnamon, but they mix very well and you taste it at the very end And it gives a very special taste I recommend medieval soup, very good

The second recipe I chose it's a gingerbread but it has very different ingredients and a a very different method from today's gingerbread So I thought it would be cool to test And this is from Harley MS 279, and this is a 15th century manuscript And it was made for trained chefs, so there’s no many instructions or quantities of ingredients, it's just "take this, this, and this" and and cook So this one will be fun to try! For this recipe, we need honey, breadcrumbs, and this it's homemade bread, so I hope it's similar enough for spices, we need saffron again cinnamon, black pepper, and maybe the clerk forgot to add this to the recipe but we also need ginger powder

ginger is present in other recipes so it was probably a mistake of the clerk The recipe asks to boil the honey I didn't boil much because I I didn't want it to spoil And we mix the honey with all the other ingredients until it forms almost a folder as you can see, it's very sticky as it cools, it becomes more solid and more malleable And the recipe asks to cut into squares what I tried to do, but ended up separating With the hands here we have the gingerbread! yes, it's stuck to the plate Wow!! OK it really tastes like gingerbread, it has a very different consistency but, it is very tasty and has that taste I will eat all it's very sweet, but, it's really delicious, Yes good, medieval people knew how to make gingerbread, it’s very good! And the last one I chose it is also the "a form of cury" and is a "tostee", not a "toastie" but it also has bread And it's a way of toasted bread with honey and wine? I'm really curious to see how it looks why does it look so different from anything we have today For this recipe we need bread, which is also homemade, we need fresh ginger, we need ginger powder, salt, and black pepper It's honey The recipe also asks for wine, but doesn’t say what kind of wine, so I chose "Mead (honey wine)" that would be a wine drunk in the medieval period And thank you very much to my friend Aaron for helping me find this wine! And the recipe calls for boiling honey and wine and spices for a long time, so I let it boil! When the mixture had boiled for some time, and it had thickened, I took the mixture and spread it on top toasted bread And then the recipe asks to spread fresh ginger at the top as a decoration

And it's ready! So now let's try our "tostee", I'm really excited for this It is very delicious! Oh my God looks like look like I'm at Beorn's house in the Hobbit when they serve honey on toast and it's the most delicious food ever Now I understand, I understand Bilbo now And the fresh ginger on top adds a lot to the flavor, it’s very tasty because the honey mixture it's so sweet and so tasty, ginger it's not that strong but it adds a fresher flavor I think this is my favorite of the three, and I liked everyone quite a lot but I think it's my favorite, it's so simple but so good I can't stop eating! You can't feel alcohol so much, but it’s not a pure honey flavor it's not so much sugar something that impresses me is that everyone has similar ingredients, ginger is in all, honey is in two but they work very differently each did, which is very impressive ok, this is A + I really recommend it, it looks like I'm in Middle Earth very good Thank you so much for watching this video and embarking on this medieval food journey with me if you enjoyed watching, please leave a like and subscribe to my channel, and if you would like to see more videos like this, let me know in the comments what recipe would you like me to make? I would like me to go back to the manuscripts and find another prescription? Tell me! Again, thank you so much for watching!

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