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What’s better than an old classic? Steak with green peppercorn sauce! In a large skillet, brown four steaks of your choice until the desired doneness Then season with salt and pepper and set aside on a warm plate, in the same skillet, add a bit of butter if needed add brown 8 ounces of white button mushroom cut in half, set aside with the meat to make the sauce, dissolved 2 teaspoons of corn starch into 2 cups of beef broth, deglaze the pan with the beef broth and bring to a boil

Then add half a cup of sherry or Marsala wine, half a cup of heavy cream, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of green peppercorns and stir constantly with a whisk, adjust the seasoning, simmer for about five minutes or until the sauce has thickened to serve slice your beef into strips and serve it on mashed potatoes ir squash then at the site this show mushrooms and top it off with the sauce One word… scrumptious Thanks for taking the time to watch this video I hope you enjoyed it don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram

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