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Hey guys, it's Charlie here, and in this video I want to talk about having the wrong ingredients in your business And I want to share with you with a story or an analogy which I thinks works so well, which actually happened to me not too long ago

So it was a Thursday afternoon, and I was supposed to go to the shops to pick up some things to cook dinner that night And I had a few meetings run over and a few important things coming up, and I just didn't get to the shops and I thought, oh do I really need to go to the shops? And I headed over to the pantry and the fridge and I had a dig around and had a look through what we had, and I made the decision that I was going to actually prepare a meal with what we had I was gonna have one of these MasterChef nights or mystery box nights where I was just gonna make something amazing with the food we had here, and then I would go to the shops tomorrow, and this would save me some time So I was like, okay, not to worry So I finished off my day and then I went into the evening, and I started preparing this meal, and I almost felt like a little bit inspired and challenged by the fact I didn't have the right ingredients

I was like, I want to make this work, I'm gonna solve problems, just like, you know, in business sometimes, we don't have the right resources or people, but we still try and find ways to make things work It's what business owners do a lot of the time But anyway, I continued on to the evening and I made this meal, and I got it all together, and it actually looked reasonably well I'd somehow pulled off what looked like a fantastic meal But when I went down to the table with my partner Bianca, we sat down and we took this first bite of this meal, and then I realized very, very quickly that we should have got takeaway or gone out for dinner, or I really shouldn't have been as lazy and got to the shops

But there's some really powerful lessons in this meal, and I think that we can think about business in a very different way because of it So when you think about business in these context, it's like people make recipes and plans for a reason It's just so much easier to use a recipe or someone else's framework or guideline than it is to come up with one yourself The simple truth is in my dinner experience is that if I just followed a recipe and had the ingredients that I was supposed to do to make the meal, I would have had phenomenally more success than I did that evening The second thing that became really evident to me is that you can be missing just one ingredient

There can be one thing you're missing You can be doing 99% of things right, but if you're missing that one thing, it doesn't give you the desired result And there were some pretty key ingredients I was missing, and you could tell it just wasn't right at all So you can be doing a whole bunch of things right, but unless you've got all the ingredients, then you don't stand to have a successful business You've got to have them all in the right mix and I kind of think about those things about, you know, you might have marketing and sales, but you might have delivery systems, team, you've got to have all those areas covered to do a really successful or have a really successful business

And then the last one is you've got to have the right volumes So you might have all the right ingredients in your business, you might have all the right resources, but if all you ever focus on is marketing and sales, and your team is just not strung together in the right way or not working as they should be, then you're gonna have a disastrous meal– or in this case, a disastrous business, some would say So you can see that the cooking world kind of lends a lot of lessons And I must admit that I do love to cook, it's one of the things that has become a really popular hobby for me, and I just find it so, so interesting how that transfers across Recipes are just so important

Having the right ingredients are so important But you've also gotta have them in the right types of volumes as well

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