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Hey, Dude Whats up! Greetings Bachelor life is so strange, because everything done by self From washing clothes to cooking Feels hungry and nothing to eat (bro! are you eating food? I thought just you are surviving on air) to lets do it to cook something what to cook? x2 yes! today cook chicken yes, Chinese chicken so, let's go today i will tell you how quickly you can cook for chicken you need some ingredients that are: onion, tomato, green chillies, salt, powder red chillies, other spices and chicken first of all, chicken soak in the water put the oil in the pot and put on stove and then cutting onion put into and as long as onion will brown, beside you have to cut onion and green chillies etc and keep on looking onion as well onion is ready to brown If onion is brown then put tomatoes and green chillies and other green stuff and shake it well now, make pieces of chicken and keep on eye on pot put powder red chillies, salt and other ingredients If you feels that it is going to burn put little water pot is ready to put chicken inside put pieces of chicken inside and cook atleast 5 to 7 minutes after 5 to 7 minutes then put some water and cape it

check after 6 to 10 minutes and then cape it after few minutes check it again chinese chicken is ready to serve chicken was so tasty How I appreciate myself If you liked this video, like share and subscribe this video

Source: Youtube

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