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– Hi, I'm Carol Richie and we're so glad that you're tuning in today and I have two great recipes to share with you In my opinion, heart healthy cooking is kinda like a feast for your senses

Texture, flavor, aroma, color, really just lifts you up and it is so easy to do So we're gonna do a peach salad with tomatoes and then grilled chicken and vegetables So our first recipe is your peach and tomato salad I'm gonna show you the finished dish a little closer to the camera in just a little bit, but for the meantime, I'm just gonna show you how to cut some wedges out of a peach Now, this is a cling stone peach, which means that the pit will cling to the flesh

That's really kinda hard to get it out So you just use your knife to cut wedges out as best as you can and I tend to like to nibble inward on the pit as the cook's treat So I always keep that in mind So peaches are probably one of the most perfect things in the summertime They are filled with flavor, color and fragrance galore

They're amazing So pick one that's nice and fragrant, heavy for its size and you can ripen it up in a paper bag for a day or two if you'd like So here's my peaches I'll put those in our bowl All right, got that down

Now, color, texture, aroma and flavor We've got gorgeous tomatoes You can use whatever style or variety of tomato that you'd like, with all of the recipes from the American Heart Association We give you great guidance on the recipe, portion size, what size of vegetable you need to be using or what have you to get the correct portion So there's a lot of detailed information on those recipes

There's certainly a lot of love that goes in each one of them So we've got our tomatoes, these are just gorgeous cherry tomatoes that are red and yellow Now, for a little bit of red, I adore red I love to go red and this is a red onion I will just slice it right here in the middle, take a few cuts down the side, following those lines of the onion

And cut across so you have a nice chopped red onion I tend to like red onions in a raw preparation like this because they just add great color, flavor and sharpness There we go, we have our onion Put that in the bowl Now, for fragrance galore, we'll add basil and we're gonna do a chiffonade of basil

Chiffonade is kind of like a little ribbon So you take fresh basil, take about three to four leaves Stack them on top of each other and we're gonna roll 'em up Roll it tight and cut across Chiffonade, it's almost as much fun to prepare and to eat as it is to say

Chiffonade There we go, and that's gonna be a beautiful garnish on the top of our salad and mixed in with our salad So I'll add a little bit to it there All right, so we have our salad mixture here It is amazing, I hope you guys can see that at home

And we've got the red onions in there, we've got the peaches, the tomatoes and our fresh basil So the next ingredient that's gonna go in is salt and pepper Now, traditionally, when I'm cooking at home, I love to keep in mind heart healthy techniques I've been a recipe developer and a national volunteer spokesperson for the American Heart Association cookbooks for over 20 years So there's so many key things that have helped me grow up with my good heart healthy prescription and so it's really quite easy, I find, if you just take your time, take one recipe at a time and just enjoy it

Relax and enjoy it and learn and discover how to pick the right ingredients and how to combine the right ingredients and how to measure and what is portion size? So these are easy little tips, small changes yield big results So keep that in mind When it comes to salt and pepper, I tend to use very minimal at home, just because I've been used to it for over 20 years and I do have to watch my sodium personally So I use about an eight of a teaspoon for this dish, which is what the recipe calls for Now, I have measured this, but I find that two fingers and a thumb is a pinch, and I know a lot of people say, "How much is a pinch? How much is a drop?" Whatever, you know, so I have measured this and it's approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon

So two fingers and a thumb of salt and that's a pinch and that'll give you just enough salt and pepper, okay? We'll give that a stir But definitely, even at home as the cook, I've been cooking for so long, but I love to measure, I love to weigh, I love to artfully arrange my plate because we eat with our eyes first and it's really just kind of a joy to be able to make something good for yourself and when you've done it and you've eaten it, you have that great sense of accomplishment So here we got, we've got gorgeous salad, and to put on that, we're gonna have a balsamic vinegar You could use red wine vinegar if you'd like And extra virgin olive oil

We're using minimal amounts The recipe will give you exactly how many All right, so we'll give that a stir I think the beauty of cooking is the art of being versatile and my wonderful chef friend who I cook with quite a bit, she loves to use variety and it's fun to cook with other people because you are inspired, what if that person doesn't like tomatoes or that person doesn't like peaches, well it's okay You can adapt

If you don't have all of the ingredients that you can't prepare the recipe, there's so many ways to adapt All right, so here we go Here's our finished salad in our bowl, but I'll also show you the plated version, right here And this has some gorgeous ribbons of basil on top So there is your peach and tomato salad, it looks so delicious and love it, love it, we got some of those tomatoes from another dear friend

So when tomato season is at hand, go for it, you'll have a great time All right, now let's do the grilled chicken with the vegetables I think the beauty of these recipes and all the American Heart Association recipes, is they're so user friendly They're all detailed, there's nothing left to chance You know what it's supposed to look like when it's done, et cetera

So you can really rest assured these recipes are created with love and tested with love and are shared with love So there we go Now, for the chicken dish, I have chicken, it's right over here I'll show it to you in just a second But the first stage of its marinade is a dry seasoning

So there's garlic powder, not garlic salt, but garlic powder and there's also oregano on there and basil and a little bit of spray That will just help it to keep it nice and supple, so a little cooking spray works well, love it Then we put a little bit of lemon zest on there and lemon juice And once you get all of that on there, it can marinate for about 10 minutes or up to about eight to 10 hours in the refrigerator So you always wanna refrigerate when you're marinating

All right, so squeeze a little lemon juice in there too When you trim fat in recipes, you have to add that flavor And I feel that heart healthy cooking is just a really a great balance of variety and choosing the leanest products and eating lots of fruits and vegetables, good fiber, all of that You're just mindful of the ingredients that you're purchasing and cooking and how you're preparing it as far as the technique goes So I have my chicken

I'll place that in a grill, this is an excellent grill pan And you can grill outdoors, you can grill indoors, whatever's convenient for you You know, a cast iron grill pan's a great tool to have because it really magically makes it taste like it's been cooked outdoors, I love it So that's cooking right there and for our other vegetables, we have eggplant, red bell pepper and corn So there we go, and we also have zucchini squash

How can I forget the zucchini squash? It's so filling and comforting and I think that's what I love about squash It's a perfect side dish because it's satisfying, filling and it looks pretty too So we'll put that right in there And it has a little salt and pepper on it as well as some vegetable oil spray So the vegetables are gonna cook for about, you know, four to seven minutes

And the chicken will cook for about the same You wanna make sure that the chicken is no longer pink inside, you wanna make sure that it's at least 170 degrees when checked with a thermometer Your vegetables should be nice and tender and beautiful grill marks, same with the chicken So how tender you'd like them is how long you're gonna cook them Anywhere from four to seven minutes, if you like them more well done

You're gonna flip them halfway through So they're looking good right now I'm gonna give them a little flip Oh boy, that's looking great I'm gonna show you the pan here real quick in a minute

The vegetables aren't very dark yet, but I'll show you how pretty it looks with the chicken grill marks Wish we had smellivision at home, right? I hope you guys can see that There we go, awesome, awesome, awesome So I love that sizzling sound All right, so once those are nicely cooked, we will present them, and here is the final dish right here

I love how this is plated because remember to be versatile, remember that there's options out there You could create with vegetables that you love like the asparagus on this plate And have fun with it, enjoy Get the family involved because you know, everyone that cooks together stays together So it's such a great way to enjoy with your family and friends

So I really hope you enjoy these recipes and stay tuned for more amazing American Heart Association segments coming your way and from my heart to yours, I hope all your cooking dreams come true and keep on cooking with your heart in mind

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New Cookery Recipes
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