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Cooking with chef Vida 😋and having fun during lockdown😜



hello guys, welcome to our channel Today life is very excited to cook something for us So what do you want to cook Vida? Hotdog

oh wow hot dogs so Vida is going to help me in the kitchen today and let's see how hot dogs turn out Okay follow us in the kitchen Let's go so guys welcome to our kitchen Life, what do we need for the recipe? two buns an onion then and you need ketchup and mustard wow and Sausages Who will take it? Sausages Yes Very good So why life can't cut these things I'm scared So, I'm going to cut these onions for her So I have to cut them lengthwise Can i say why why? because it is dangerous Yes, because it is dangerous for children

So that's why I will help you And adults can help Yes Thank you very much life So, I have cut the onions in this way Longitudinal Okay i'm going to open the package sausage I can say? these are chicken sausages and turkey No it's just chicken No, turkey too Now I'm going a little cut them diagonally so that when they cook they look beautiful I believe that octupus looks much better Does the octopus really look much better? ok then we have prepared onions and sausages And now our chef Vida will show you how to cook them So first, What are we going to put in the pan? In the pan, we have taken a little of oil hmm onion so much noise and now put the sausages? Sausages after Now we have what to make them caramelized smells good it smells like turkey and chicken OK well So We are cooking the onion

And in the same pan so we don't lose too much time Vida adds the sausages Life now will add the sausages one by one slowly Not, I want to do with this Ok do it very good Now i'm going to skip the onion until caramelized And also the sausages Yes Until also sausages are made, cook on both sides YES Lifetime, Do you want to count a poem? Do you mean a poem? or something? I mean how old am I okay, how old are you? six OMG you are so great You can sing? the song "caragol treu" the Catalan song Oh this i like more which one? very good so on this side while she sang I was stirring the onions Onions are almost done okay and these need a little more time okay We should be patient Yes We should be really very patient sometimes i'm not patient Yes that's your problem Now as you can see the sausages they are turning golden And because we have made those clefts, they look so beautiful so I won't cook much well enough for me too Now we are going to remove them from the plate

On the pink plate the brilliant Yes, because Vida loves the color pink No i like it more blue But you said you like it blue sorry pink I like pink and blue Ok you like pink and blue and also purple Also colors that are not gray, black or whites Okay I just like bright colors Now let's go and silver this And Vida will show you how to put them

the sausages Hi all I will show you how to make a hot dog okay Than do you have to do first? Cut the bread very good then put the sausage come on press you can wait? come on I almost did Give it to me Wait i almost got it got it now put mustard Then Ketchup little don't put much okay wow everyone likes ketchup more Really? Yes, because it looks like strawberry jam Are you sure? Strawberry jam Oh my God So delicious yes? Very good life Show me show me ohh wow how good Now make your own hot dog No i will eat later For my hot dog basically I'm going to add a little onion I didn't put it because I do not like onions Ok now it's my turn how i do I cut the bread Like put it more in the center of life Thank you Then I put it on I will put two sausages for myself because i'm big Yes Then I add the onion Then I will add Ketchup mustard This is what my hot dog looks like

I enjoyed it a lot So I hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it, don't forget to share and subscribe like the black video so if you liked it and you want to see more videos We will come next week Yes, next week you want to see us Say goodbye Bye Why are you going crazy? Say it kindly Goodbye


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New Cookery Recipes
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