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Cooking With Kris EP 02 | My Own Pinoy Spaghetti Recipe



there are times when you feel so down times when you feel so sad times when everything doesn't kill was planned and you just want to keep up I have a solution for you eat pasta according to research eating pasta can make people happy carbs impasse increases the body's production of serotonin a neurotransmitter that trigger feelings of happiness and well-being so if you want me to help you take all the sadness away watch this let's prepare the ingredients needed to be cut we have your garlic onion red bell pepper and hot dogs now to cut all this we can use the traditional way by using a knife but there's another way only professionals can do first take a deep breath concentrate now count one two three there you go toppy said if you can't do it on your first try you'll get there after more practice let's proceed to cooking before doing the sauce for about five liters of water in the pot start the fire then toss 1 tablespoon of salt now while we're waiting for it to boil let's start with our sauce put some oil stay garlic one it's golden-brown put the onion then bell pepper after that put about 1/4 ground work wait for it to change its color then add 1 tablespoon of fish sauce I prefer using fish sauce and salt as it gives more flavor to my dishes now we put the hotdogs nexus in water just enough amount to cook our meat put some black pepper and let it simmer for about 5 minutes now that the water is boiling put about 450 grams faster I always use royal premium spaghetti pasta for me it has a best quality boil it for about 11 minutes now we go back to our pan our meat is now already put about 500 grams they're not Italian spaghetti sauce 1/3 cup of the nordic ketchup sweet blade and 1/2 cup nestle all-purpose cream stir it put one tablespoon of all-purpose seasoning and one teaspoon of Italian seasoning this will give a nice taste and aroma to our spaghetti two tablespoon of sugar then lastly black pepper our pasta is finally cooked so let's drain it toss some oil mix it now let's try the sauce you can add more sugar or fish sauce to taste this is perfect that's what all the pasta to our sauce then continue mixing it on a low heat our spaghetti is now ready to eat let's finish it with some nice cream cheese on top and we're done I'm sure if you try this recipe it will give you a nice bright smile face so try it now

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