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Cooking with splitting axe



Not bad, not bad Hey Boris Food call Try to eat the whole dish but the only thing you can use this is big splitting ax Small hatchets are not allowed

I accept your challenge, Mr Kailan Well, we arrived to grandma's house to see which ax she can give This exact ax good enough for making sandwiches It's too easy But with this – yeah! With this Soviet beast you can chop the onion into small pieces and you still have time to smear mayo to sandwich And again Too easy! What we need now is it something big enough to cut the meat And for that we have grandpa's old pocket knife or what i like to call Baba Yaga You can understand the usefulness of an ax if you compare it with your hand And since it is clearly visible it is essentially a multitool Which of course means what is it too too easy And that means we have to go even more and for that we have butter knife This fucking ax This is not just some kind of ax This is my ax I call it normal sized ax An ax of this size you put to the door when you don't want your neighbors to go And with the help of dad we prepared this ax for cooking Let's go! Well, the first step of the call find the fire Already a burning fire would be much better But we can handle Before we light a fire we'll take the traditional sip holiday kvass Extra strong kvass Step two light a fire Now we have to wait until the fire is lit If you have problems with fire like mine bring magical fluid Is it already lit? Oh yeah fire fired up Now we will wait until the fire gets bigger We will make a light snack not to get hungry at all I advise a sandwich Take some Take some bread *Savage Well, you can bite off a piece straight

But oh well! We are not savages here We are preparing a sandwich Look at this! Not bad See Restaurant cooking Hey, where are you going? And we have the first slice Look at this quality As if cut with a knife Now there are three more slices left For cats Look at this exact cut Beautiful look at that I like this challenge And of course this is not a sandwich no oil It jumped Ah, right in the dirt But it's not a problem this is the spice of the earth It is good for you! Why are you running away? Remove excess twigs and grass too Concentrate Boris People become hungry Again the beautiful quality of the restaurant No no no Who invited you? Get out of my house! It's great Why I have not done this before Okay, the pieces are a bit thick, but still enough time to lose weight before Vidcon This is for the dietary option and this is Boris We lack some details I think Cheese But I would say that so far my creation is not bad hold But! Since the fire is not ready yet we will add more layers People ask me all the time Hey Boris What kind of cheese do you use? And I always say Is there more than one species? Fry cheese for a special effect As you can see this cheese is an unusual size this cheese is not for little boys This is cheese for men Slavic man! Now need Little This is the perfect size Now three more Snack! Here's a sandwich, I'll eat now Vidcon Squat Competition Coming Wow, look at that! I'm getting better at it I'm not sure if this is already a challenge

it's a lifestyle One more and we are ready Maybe next time I use a chainsaw Already looks good But not all Imagine a pink top hat also known as sausage unknown origin * chewing sounds Not bad I love to call it Pig foam Good the fire is almost ready Come on Boris let mother be proud What is it now No one will be proud of the broken sausage – quotation of the year Boris * exhale Again spice earth And what type of sandwich will it be without great red tomato And a good amount of mayonnaise too And since the flame almost done we have to finish this quickly Let's start with the tomato * implementation Good Like this Wow, this It is impressive Take a look this is one sharp ax And ready Beautiful I think everyone should cook sandwich with an ax since then This still the most wonderful sandwich which I've ever cooked But not one sandwich is not ready until mayonnaise sings Hmm let's see We can Yes, the perfect amount for a sandwich at the end of the month But now is not the end of the month * delicious sounds of mayonnaise *sound Is ready You would think that this channel already sponsored by mayonnaise But you are mistaken I am really amazed That no one has come to me yet because i use so much mayonnaise And here to you This is a sandwich cooked an ax Small hatchets are not allowed

Enjoy A lot of sausage Well, so I think I actually need more mayonnaise This fire just Watch Here is the warmest place There And to take advantage of this overly warm place We will of course take potatoes from grandma's garden and we will wrap it in folium Charcoal Potatoes My lovely Well, I advise you to wrap in two layers so it is not easy to fry This is an old grandpa trick You can try next time Well, I can not use the most ordinary pan Cooking on an open fire And that's why I use cast iron good for outdoor cooking and like a hammer Since the time has come for serious business I'll take another sip hard kvass Meat time And the smoke with the smell of kvass And now we take meat I'll be right back one minute A little time later Well my favorite part that's what we came here for And what a Slavic dish without onions pokormiiiiii changing Well, no one said it would be an easy job Wait wait What it is? Wow! More meat Well, I think it's ready I'll tell you, there is nothing better than grilled meat on an open fire Personally, I would cut the middle Ie medium pan Because kebab is life! Good It's time to eat! I think gonpika butter knife replace knives in my kitchen since then Because this food delicious Thanks for the challenge, Kailan Oh wait Almost forgot the best part * If there are no shouts, then the potatoes are ready Damn, this is delicious

Well, thanks for watching Another day in the life of Boris Due to high demand We have done special reservation For those who missed their shashn get a hooded sweatshirt Now you can also get pants and a balaclava to complete your kit But since this is a special order it will take time to produce and send them all Be sure to check the product description delivery dates But enough about that I'll wait for more cooking calls in comments And thanks to Kailan for this But now Everybody Hold on cheek briks And see you next time

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