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Cooking with Zac ep5 – Original Recipe 【ザッカリー料理TV~5 オリジナルレシピ】 (日本語字幕付き)



Original recipe The bone is here The fish are here Is that all you need? Cheese and wood What is a tree? Broccoli ❓ With cheese With broccoli fish What kind of fish do not know Salmon [I'm proud of my fish] What else? And nothing Is it a shopping list? I go to prepare the ingredients Shopping list Carrot for floor Draud draw [Boss Ryan] Papa, I need a carrot under here Growing Give Ryan a pen carrot Long carrot I need a long carrot Long good good good good good Long good good good good carrot This is a blue fish Blue fish? ! I don't think I can find a blue fish If you can't find It's okay [NARUTO] With cheese broccoli fish And carrot Yes, I'm ready Please tell me What is the name of the dish? Coconut tree Okay, tell me later I prepared Good morning Everyone's Hello! ♥ Welcome to my channel today I try to cook my recipe [Whatever] broccoli Big broccoli broccoli This is broccoli cheese The tree has fallen Good, what is that? This is cheese here Not open Must open How to open? This is cheese and hamburger fish Need to cook it? Yes carrot Then, please tell me how to make Do I need to cut it? this Cutting set Need to peel Wow wow How nice What do you want to do with this can not cut Cook? As it is This is raw Wow, the opposite Like a bush Should I cut more? No Really that way? ! How to open? What is this? How to open? How to open? in this way Give me some milk Is it now? ! Give me some milk Let me know cheese Where cheese And on the tree Coconut tree Coconut tree Should I put it in the pot? How about this Do you put it on top? [Proud] What is this> fish Cut Can you put it in a place? On carrots Roger that Who caught fish from the water? Fisherman Fisherman? Put on Because it gets hot I was surprised There is a fire peek-a-boo! Where is daddy here Too hot Before opening Okay, good Ah ah ah ah butter Why is it soft Okay, butter up It's too hot melting

That's right melting I like to melt Ryan wants to eat this too What if I made another one? If you make it small for Ryan Like good Then what should I do while I wait? wait wait wait What if you sing a song? no [ABC song] Wow! I have no choice but to wait First person to try? Daddy Why me from Zachary I want you to eat daddy Should give me food Dad is not a big baby Coconut tree Let's look Let's open [Don't touch, it ’s dangerous] Do you want to eat Ryan? This is my coconut tree Try it at home What is this? This is cheese Eat Keep blowing delicious Goodbye, let's meet again Follow me 🙂

Source: Youtube

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