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CRABBING, best free activity in Vancouver | How to catch and cook crabs



Guys it's Friday 4 o'clock beautiful Sunny day Vancouver

It's a The very last day of September and it's we really have very good weather in Vancouver in October So today I want to take this opportunity to go crabbing and it's probably gonna be my very last day for to catching crabs, so I came to my favorite spot to catch crabs, which is Jericho Beach the Jericho pier so we are at the Locarno Beach and look at the view Gorgeous this is a Picnic area there's a lot of people I've been down here a couple many times in the summer for Picnics set up a barbecue grills and here in this area and just watching this Sunset a lot of people playing playing games, badminton or frisbees all kind of stuff and in this area Yeah, so this is a yeah, this is my favorite Crabbing spot in Vancouver I've been to many I've been crabbing for almost 10 years and I've been in many different crabbing spots like the Ambleside in West Van the marine park in marine driving Burnaby and also the Belcarra Park in Port Moody, so and also like in Richmond area as well I found this area is the easiest place to catch crabs There's also always a lot of crops and now super busy Even though it's like a really nice sunny day So it doesn't really usually have a lot of people come crabbing and And if you come here on a good day, you can catch at least four to five Basically 6 and 1/2 inch crabs, you know Crabbing is I mean I have been crabbing for ten years

I don't remember that last time I went to a supermarket and buy buy crabs and And I just I don't really go there to buy crabs anymore and it's gets really expensive when I first like came to Canada I remember like crabs are like 6 to 10 bucks each Now it's up to like 20 to 25 dollars per crabs And if you go to restaurants it cost like 40 to 50 bucks for crabs So it's just insane All right, that's uh These are usually $15 per car cage and have a little Trap you can stuff in what kind of meat you want I usually use a pork bone Or For baits because I found this is like a very easy and also it has a little bit weight Because once you when you cast it out your your trap you want to throw as far as you can so you kinda want something half of a bit heavier than chicken because I found chicken is there they Sometimes they lose smell quite um, very quickly in the ocean so like crabs don't really like they can just eat for a couple minutes and just Just go away So you might not be able to catch a lot of crops and It doesn't really preserve the flavor that That longer time so I used pork bone and these are really cheap and I got this guy from Robson market for like a dollar These are my own bait and I have Used those I use these zip locks, but I usually just you know cut it and then close it on the on the meat Like secure and secure the debate on the cage, and it's just easier that way Yeah, these are a dollar store I can get it like 20 of them for a dollar too and yeah, these are probably by far is the most convenient way to secure bait on the trap and You know as soon as you finish you don't want them you want to change your meat get some fresh meat just use the scissors to cut it and Strip very easy All right Oh Excellent, okay look at this This baby right here oh, yes

So heavy So guys so we're just finishing uh crabbing Putting everything away I'm going about Going back to cooking the crabs Today is a pretty lucky day with we caught 4 crabs and all its over six and a half inches So it's it's gonna be a big feast probably gonna just cook to you for today and then give one to my friend and Cook another one tomorrow Cuz for crab meat You have to eat it as quickly as possible because The meat actually go bad pretty fast And for any seafood that is always the case that you always need to eat seafood as fresh as you can and you know, I Think we're just gonna cook I'm gonna boil them most easy way just boil them and then I just dip he crab meat in Vinegar and ginger sauce That's all one of my favorite kind and Also, I like to cook it I have a more of a pan fry style

I chopped it into pieces and then put some Put some you know, soy sauce and a little bit of chili and Just kind of pan fry it and easier and I know a lot of a lot of people that I'm at is They are they love to cooking crabs and just just kind of butter garlic dipping a butter garlic sauce similar to the you know, what the one that I like and just boiling and Dip in it vinegar and Ginger's also it's pretty similar and it's pretty easy to eat Not really I mean crab is like pretty hard to do color that's like I guess that's what people don't really like the prefer fishings, but instead of crabs because crabs just like to difficulty to like Dissect, you know into pieces and and it takes a while it takes some skills to actually Learn how to open up all the shells and stuff Yep, here we have it so I'm gonna show you later how to cook the these Dungeness crabs and hope you have a very nice day and Make sure you are subscribe our channel if you like the video that you see today and give me a thumbs up Thank you watch another video next day

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