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Creamy fruit delight recipe | very simple and easy dessert recipe (with english subtitles)



Asslamo Alaikum! welcome to Munize collection Today I will tell you how to make creamy fruit delight as a sweet dish which is a very halthy and tasty dish please try this recipe i hope you will like this Let's start making this recipe take 1 kg whipped cream you can take whipped cream that which one you like this whipped cream mostly in a thin form than you will add 300 gm condensed milk Normally we use condensed milk in cakes than you will add well beaten yougert 300 gm add "little bit more from" 1/4 tb salt add 1 level tb white pepper powder add "litt bit less from" 1/4 tb black pepper powder now you will bland all very all you will blend it very well so that it could blend well before adding fruits and we have not to blend after adding fruits After adding fruits we will slightly mix fruits with a spoon but we will not blend now i am slightly blending with spoon now we will start adding fruits firstly we will add 300 gm datesi have cut them in long pieces now add 200 gm grapes

i have cut them in 2 pieces now add pineapple cocktail 400 gm (it contains in a can) without juice add 400 gm mix fruit cocktail now take round about 1 kg apples and cut them into small pieces you can also use without peeling but due to virus risk i will use them after peeling apple and bananas both you will cut them that time which time you will add if you will cut them before they will turn in black color i have cut apples in small pieces now i am adding slightly mix we will mix fruits slightly add 100 gm cocunut powder Take 1 dozen bananas (or according to your taste) Peel them and cut them into pieces i have peel bananas and have cut them into picess, add them mix them remember you will mix it slightly not hardly otherwise they can mix badly now our creamy fruit delight is almost ready we will take it out in a bowl and will decorate it for decoration we will cut stawerry into pieces and spread it spread cherry rooh afza seyrup sandal seyrup (if you have) decorate with them our creamy fruit delight if full ready If you like this video than kindly like and share it and if you are new on our channel than subscribe it ALLAH HAFIZ

Source: Youtube

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