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Creamy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese [VEGAN RECIPE]



what's up guys welcome back to the show today is a Freestyle Friday episode every single Friday we come at you with a delicious plant-based recipe my name is Eamon I live in a self converted Sprinter van with a little kitchen like this so every single recipe we make is super super easy I don't really like to measure things I'm more of a freestyle cook and that's why we call it a freestyle friday let's jump into one of my favorite fall meals reminds me of childhood I'm making a tomato soup with a little cheeky grilled cheese on the side for the tomato soup I'm going to make this as simple as possible I'm gonna start with a pan and I'm gonna saute some flavors together and then I'm gonna go right in the Vitamix whip it up and boom you're done this is gonna be too easy no worries mate start with two onions and I'm just gonna saute those down a little bit of olive oil into the pan mmm the quickest way to cut an onion is D skin it you cut it right in half and then I just go around the edges like this it's you kind of like that the onion naturally peels into little sections and that's perfect just to do a quick saute now that our oil is nice and hot we're gonna go right into the pan next I'm gonna open up a little bit of garlic I love garlic as you guys have seen if you've seen my old videos I usually overdo it I try not to do that this episode so I'm doing two big cloves here he just way to cut garlic knife down and just bang can you really pull it crush that with the skin on and then the skin will just peel right off now I'm not gonna worry about cutting this up too fine like I said we're going right into the Vitamix so I just want to saute this get a little bit of nice cooked garlic flavor into the soup if you guys don't have a really good blender what I would recommend is getting an emulsifier it's a little low electric thing you can get right into a pan with immersion blender so it's a little blade right into a pot that way you would build it in a pot do everything I'm basically doing and then just Mull safai immersion Immaculate Conception that the blender will be linked below both products will be linked below actually back okay I'm gonna start to add a little bit of spice and seasoning into here so I'm gonna go salt one two three four five six seven eight a couple shakes of salt you know I like black pepper one two three maybe a 10-second hold this little shaker will be linked below as well I know you all want I'm also gonna go in with a little bit of time what's that guy 1/2 teaspoon of thyme you don't wanna overdo that maybe a full teaspoon of oregano and just a zip don't overdo this one because we don't want a spicy tomato soup but just a little hit of chili wake-up stick garlic is a lot of people put the garlic and the onions in at the same time or they put the garlic in first you'll actually burn the garlic and you'll get an unpleasant flavor so make sure you're adding your garlic near the end it actually doesn't need to cook that much also gonna have a teaspoon of basil you start to see your onions getting a little bit dried out if you can go ahead and add a little extra olive oil and I've turned down the heat just to a medium low that's basically sauteed cooked down all the flavors are just swimming and harmony together tomatoes I wish you had some of you here live in the audience because I'd be asking anybody know what I always recommend when it comes to canned tomatoes I do I know you do but you got to buy the Italian Tomatoes the Italians are doing it right I don't know what they're putting in their plants the flavor difference is huge I didn't know what one to buy so I bought three different cans just in case of one's better and I don't know if I'm gonna use all three I've had this one before very good but yeah Italian diced tomatoes or right into the Vitamix the little trick I use sometimes with my pasta sauces and my curry stuff like that you know hit a little water in there give it a swirl and throw it back in the tomato soup I don't want to do that I don't want to water it down so I shame but I'm gonna go into my recycling just as is I just don't want to do I'm gonna go with this again here I don't want water down the soup it's gonna be beautiful I just don't want to do it my beautiful seasoned onion and garlic roasted red peppers I'm gonna do two nice big roasted red peppers out of here on here oh yeah baby that whole guy look at the size of that guy well you Nicole what happened there you fit that into that jar damn now the soup is gonna be creamy sin cream hold the cream I'm gonna call it my brother a cashew how do you do this is a little hack if you ever making soups especially Vitamix soups just a little scoop of cashews go a long way so a little handful it's maybe 19 cashews absolutely delicious trying this new thing called intermittent passing not allowed to eat yeah as a white hair so that's gonna be my eyes and ears and mouth and flavor for today especially the super for free keep thinking for you stop brandy so I'm gonna have a little bit of broth broth aleni he's got a hair on site probably from you Nicole hey you Nicole like to give that back to you the reason I love this Vitamix is because it is so easy I'm basically gonna turn it on on to a medium and it will turn itself off when the soup is hot and done and ready I need to start the car so I don't burn out all the batteries so I'm gonna go do that I got that cash in my throat if that alternator popping yes probably never seen behind the scenes there huh what are what that great drape it's yeah one day you might find out let's fire this puppy up start on one would you spoken with my flavor associate she let me know that it's a little runny so I overdid it with the broth so I'm gonna go a little bit more salt and another handful of tissues that's it that's it that'll take the proper guarantee these are unsalted cashews he had salted I wouldn't do the salt okay another handful did you explain what your Vitamix brings it up to hot not really but yeah the Vitamix will heat it so it's a gangster the Vitamix not sponsor and I'll take a carrot soup mmm that's okay check this out hmm did you know I said oh wow missed me hotter okay for you I mean this is a nice soup temperature for you did your mom ever make tomato soup yeah but mostly sorry mom that's out you hear but mostly from a camp yes I'm fine this is yummy okay could I have my show back mm-hmm okay well back is a bit of a psycho she likes her soup to burn her entire face and mouth yeah I think that's good temperature if you like it hotter you could let it go longer or whatever a few I think it's delicious even though I haven't tried it so I'm gonna put it aside and I'm going to show you quickly how it can make a grilled cheese sandwich now as far as cheese goes check out a higher-end grocery store and you can find a vegan or plant-based cheese I'm today going with a brand called daya this stuff is pretty wildly available and I got three different types because I do my grilled cheeses three ways three threes three cheese cheesy cheesy chips chase I like my grilled cheese cheesy I'm gonna get that pan heating and baby baby I'm about to butter your bread probably thinking 'man what have you done just hang tough Charlie I am toasting the insides of these Brits okay butter is up butter up now the reason I've done that is because I want to heat that bread nice and hot before I have the cheese vegan cheese sometimes takes a while to melt so I want to make this process as easy as possible for that melting process we can go ahead and flip that guy you're gonna want to take your lid that gets nicely over your pants really gonna help melt cheese down you know if you're patient and you listen enough you can hear a lot about your food so I can hear this starting to crack on pop a little bit top of my bowl is extremely hot I'm gonna go ahead and check my cheerless and just go for a pee oh yeah baby check this do the cheese Dan the cheese we go can you wiggle with me can you wiggle around can you see me can you see me I'm ready personally I was raised as a triangle cut I would take offense to anybody who's gonna cut it like that do you hear that Joanne I'm a turn okay yes that is not the right way to cut a grilled cheese I'll line it up corner to corner start with the front we've got our tomato soup on our grilled cheese sandwich I got about an hour left I'm gonna go ahead and buy my co-producer up finish this one Wow this is potentially my favorite episode of freestyle Friday ever pretty stoked on this love me a grilled cheese this looks illegally good job on the melting process you did the perfect perfect Chris penis on the bread outside exteriors and then it's like Bowie and gooey and such good flavor I was a person that thought I could never give up cheese and then what about if I do something like this oh oh mmm this is a must-try recipe you guys do try the recipe please make sure you take Amon he's doing all the hard work and he's not even getting to reap the benefits today so poor Amon tagged him on instagram @ eh mmm you can tag me cuz I love seeing your food pics make sure you subscribe to her channel we have new food videos every Friday and we do fan life related content Sundays and Wednesdays until next time you guys we love you lots hi guys stay hungry I know I am

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