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Crispy corn chaat/க்ரிஸ்பி கார்ன் – Crispy corn in tamil – Sweet corn recipe – Snacks recipe



hallo friends,welcome to secret of samayal today we are going to see a tasty snsck,crispy corn this can be made easily at home ,but should be little careful while making this kids will love this like popcorn this too will be crispy and tasty let's see how to make this crispy corn i have taken boiled sweet corn add little turmeric powder red chilli powder 1/4 tsp little salt add 2 and 1/2 tsp corn flour mix well no need to add water,if you find very powdery then sprinkle some water and mix mix well like this to coat all the corns with the masala powder in frying this corn,you should keep in mind a very important thing oil should not be too hot,if it is hot then the corn will start bursting always keep the oil in medium heat though it is in medium heat,you should have a lid ready with you ,if it starts bursting ,then immediatly close with lid always be careful while doing this recipe let's check the oil is in perfect heat put one grain into the oil oil has to get heated a little more you could see little bubbles,this heat is enough now lets add the corn keep the lid ready if it starts bursting close with lid immediatly fry on medium heat for 3 mins after it got fried a little ,lets higher the flame it is half fried now now increase the flame and fry till crisp for about 3 mins saying again you should be very careful while frying if you follow my instructions carefully ,it won't burst fried well and crisp lets remove from oil keep it in a strainer like this to drain the oil again check the heat and then add the next lot in oil place it over a tissue paper fried all the corn to a crispy texture you can have as it is ,it will be tasty if we add some extra spices it will be more tasty add a pinch of kashmir chilli powder pinch of pepper powder 2 pinch of chaat masala powder chopped coriander leaves if you like onion you can add that too 1/2 tsp lime juice we have added little salt already,now add a pinch of salt mix well our crispy fried corn is ready to serve serve in a cup with spoon kids will enjoy this try this recipe and give me feedback if you like this video,please subscribe my channel

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