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Crispy Grilled Wings on Weber | HowToBBQRight


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Watch this “Crispy Grilled Wings on Weber | HowToBBQRight” video below:

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Crispy Hot Wings cooked on Charcoal Grill

If you’re a fan of crispy hot wings but you want to avoid frying them, then you’ll want to try this technique. I combined corn starch with my bbq rub to create a light breading that turns the outside of the wings into a light crust.

It’s a simple technique that produces a crunchy wing on the grill. I…..(read more)


  1. great video. helped a lot!

    just tried some corn starched. i think i may have over-coated the corn starch. as after 43 min they were still kinda dusty in texture. and one thing i've learned is that while i and my family like smoked turkey, for chicken we all prefer just plain grilled (i used a lump of pecan, and it was just WAY over-pronounced)

  2. Great video. I watch all your vids before doing any bbq to make sure I get it right. Love your stuff. Is there any particular vortex you would recommend? Shane

  3. Just searched grilled wings for later on and was intrigued by the cornstarch ones. Definitely gonna try them out. I think I’ll pat them with some seasoning before tossing em in the starch.

  4. Malcom, I know this video is from a couple of years ago but I just stumbled upon it a couple of days ago. As luck would have it, I have a Weber Kettle and a vortex. We used your cooking technique and my wife and I were totally blown away. I believe these were the best wings I've ever had. We had two bags of Bob's Red Mill potato starch and I used that in place of corn starch. Add a little Cajun Shake and the rest is history. Thank you so much for all you do!

  5. Watched this video once and then tried the corn starch way with a little extra seasoning and my wife loved them. I tossed mine in a sauce about 3/4 the way through and after that last quarter on the grill they were perfect. I know the video is years old by this post but the method holds. Thank you sir.

  6. If you do wings like this again, use spray pam butter or spray duck fat on them! CRUNCH!!!!!!! Also, try a pork loin like that on a rotisserie! Mine was awesome, but I bet yours will be knocked out of the park!!! I used a 3# loin!!!!!

  7. Because of video producers like you I bought a Webber charcoal grill. Have not used one in 30 years. Slow smoked amazing ribs, pork chops and tri tip. Thank you so much for making these vids.

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