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Crusader Kitchen Episode 3 – Grilled Pizza



Hello Crusaders! Welcome to Crusader Kitchen My name is Lindsay and we're gonna make a grilled pizza today

[Music] Since the weather's so warm this recipe will help you to spend time outdoors and enjoy the weather All right, we're gonna start making the dough first We're gonna have one egg, one and a half cups of warm water, because yeast needs warm water to rise One tablespoon of yeast and we're gonna add one tablespoon of sugar Gonna mix that all together

Okay, once it's mixed we're gonna set it aside Once it starts bubbling, that means it's ready to put in the flour All right, now we're gonna add, we have flour: three and a half cups of flour, and we're gonna add a pinch of salt It's basically a teaspoon of salt and we're gonna mix that together Then once the yeast is ready, we're gonna add the yeast to the flour and we're gonna knead the dough after

Now the yeast is bubbling, we're gonna add the yeast to the flour Mix it all together Once it gets, once the flour the yeast combine together, we're gonna knead the dough after All right when you're kneading dough you always use the palm of your hand and you're gonna fold it and push it and keep folding and pushing until the dough is not sticky anymore and it's holding together After we knead the dough we're gonna put a little splash of olive oil in

We're gonna put the dough in and leave it to rest for 20 minutes And now we're moving on to the sauce All right we're gonna make the sauce now, so let's start off! We're gonna add one cup of tomato sauce, one and a half teaspoons of olive oil, then a half a teaspoon of garlic and oregano, and a pinch of salt and pepper And we're gonna mix it all together and this is going to go on top of our pizza sauce All right let's get on to grilling! All right, so we're going to start making some pizza dough here

We've enough for two pizzas, so we're gonna divide that into two pieces Start rolling it out As you can see, I'm shaping it to a circle here first Start rolling that out, adding some flour to it and then start rolling it out Use lots of flour

If you don't, it's gonna stick and it's gonna tear So I'm shaping it out into a circle here Now this dough is rested – I made the dough a while ago, let it sit for an hour or so, just so it relaxes It's a lot easier to roll out than freshly made dough Then I'm shaping it into a circle

Again, using lots of flour, rolling it around and twisting about 90 degrees every single time and it's ready to go Now I lay it onto the grill Now this grill is hot, and it's clean, and I've also oiled it It prevents everything from sticking So it's gotta be a hot grill, clean, and oiled slightly

You can see it's starting to bubble here – the yeast started to react from the heat It's starting to grow, and I'm starting to get a little bit of grill marks on there, which gives it a nice flavor for the pizza that we're using Yeast is bubbling up Once it has a decent-sized crust on the one side I'm gonna take two tongs, flip it over and there we go – nice grill marks on the pizza Once it's evenly cooked on both sides, we should be ready to take it off, and put on a sheet pan, and when it's all ready to go, you should have a nice grilled pizza

All right, now since the dough is grilled, we're gonna add all the toppings We're gonna start with the sauce I'm gonna spread it all around For this for this pizza, we're adding mushroom, bacon and chicken, making sure you guys cook the chicken beforehand You can cook it on the barbecue and slice it up after, or you can cook in the oven

Bacon, and the chicken, and lastly the cheese After when you put the cheese on, you're going to put, you're gonna close the lid, so when the cheese cooks it'll, like when this closes, the cheese will melt All right, we'll let that melt for about two minutes, and we'll see how it looks after All right, here's what it looks like! This is full protein and iron, so this will be a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the summer And you can also add vegetable toppings if you want, if you don't like meat and enjoy!

Source: Youtube

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