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Cubie & Cubette’s Cooking Club – Old Fashioned Icebox Dessert Recipe



Yay! I'm Cubie, and I'm Cubette! Welcome to our cooking club, where kids learn to cook! It's tasty, made classic! But Sarah, my friends aren't coming over for the sleepover until tomorrow night! I know but the dessert we're making needs to refrigerate for at least eight hours It takes that long? It better be good

I can promise you it is! It used to be my favorite recipe when I was your age, and Nana used to make it with her mom Wow, that's one old recipe then! Hey! Alright let's see, We need two cups of chocolate creme filled sandwich cookies to crush up into crumbs How's it going over there? I could do this all day Nice I'll add two tablespoons of melted butter to it

Now we need to take only a third of this and spread it into the pan Why not all of it? Because it's got layers Next layer, I'll beat the two cups of heavy whipping cream, one cup powdered sugar, and one spoon of vanilla extract until it forms peaks We need to watch the cream because if we over whip it can turn into butter And Christina, we can't forget to fold in the chocolate chips

I don't think that'll be a problem Now we'll repeat each layer once more and end with the crushed cookies Sarah really? We have to wait a whole eight hours to eat it? I used to say the same thing to Nana dear Six more hours? Finally! How simple was that? Super simple For this recipe and more, visit ImperialSugar

com or DixieCrystalscom! And thanks for watching!

Source: Youtube

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