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Hi everyone, welcome to NhaCoSen channel Today I will share my video about making Cucumber mix Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Chili & garlic view English sub-ingredients in next slide choose fresh and green cucumber clean cucumber cut two head of cucumber cut cucumber into 4 or 6 small stripes add 3 tsp salt Mix all by chopsticks The original cucumber looks like this cover it about 1 hour in the meaning time, i will make a soy sauce Finely minced chili and gralic if you don't eat one of each, you can change suitable spices With a small firer, use a pan Add 2 tbsp Seasame Oil Add 3 tbsp Soy Sauce Add 1 tbsp Vinegar Add chili and gralic crushed note: cook with a small firer Mix all until boiling, turn off the heat and cooling sauce make the sauce very fast, about 5 minutes after 1 hour, to see what happen with cucumber it very soft and tougher than first Remove the water of cucumber and salt smooth in the bottom of the bowl Pour clean filtered water and clean it for 3-6 times, it will not too salty clean it sieve it or you can squeeze it by your hand to make cucumber dry Add cooling soy sauce into cucumber Mix all end enjoy it you can use it with rice or bread for meal Very delicious and fresh more delicious if you eat it after you cooling it in fridge about 2-3 hour the amount i prepared, Imade a cucumber dish enough for four people to eat

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New Cookery Recipes
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