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Cumin Rice (Bhat) Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN featuring Sweet Cumin Cookery School



Hi Guys hows it going welcome to My Virgin Kitchen i'm back at the Sweet Cumin Cookery School with Bini you guys loved her and today it's her amazing cumin rice looks amazing doesn't it and I can tell you the smell in here is incredible it's sat right there and I think we don't wanna tell you how to make it we just want to gobble it all up right now Bini do you want to tell us what the ingredients are yes you need basmati rice some salt cumin seed and rapeseed oil amazing so you also need obviously some pots and pans and some h2O aka water which hopefully everyone's got which is double the amount of rice yeah and it's got to be boiling from the kettle the very first step is to wash the rice we did it six times and it's all murky right kind of like a horrible fish tank yes it's very murky initially and then as you wash the rice really gently using your fingers just rub the grain through and then as your wash it becomes clear amazing so start cooking the rice by adding some oil in there we did it was rapeseed oil and that gives it a beautiful colour which is what you taught me before yes the rapeseed oil is just gorgeous it's like sunshine in your pan I thought you said pants then well if you want sunshine in your pants yeah the next thing is using cumin seeds again you might remember that from the last chicken kebab recipe we did oh my gosh that was good so the cumin seeds went in there right yeah and that just releases more flavour yes it does Barry well done yeah! i'm learning ten out of ten next add basmati rice amazing love that stuff it's good it's the best stuff I like it it's my favourite we stirred the rice through with Bini's legendary spatula which used to be the same colour as my t-shirt yes it was Barry it's because of the tumeric that I use it made it go from blue to green so cool we use a spatula because it's flexible right yeah and it doesn't break the rice grain when you're cooking it and so if you if you prevent that, it won't go stodgy and the rice will love you and if you love your rice it will love you back so don't use a wooden spoon don't use a sieve that 's why we did the fingery bit it's all good so then you add your water from the kettle use the same device you measure the rice in except it's double the quantity from the kettle boiling good times add a pinch of salt in there with the water and stir it all through get it off of the sides and it's like basically a pan of loving right there we boil the water up then reduce to a simmer right we did it is important to do that as we wan't to cook the rice for 16 minutes on that simmer nice and low yeah and then we put a lid on top and you might get one of those funky ones with a hole in we put the tin foil into the hole which is a really cool trick of Bini's why do we do that? we want to make sure that steam stays and cooks the rice because once you remove the lid and start dabbing with it the steam evaporates and then your rice won't cook perfectly once the rice is done after 16 minutes check the rice with your fingers it should feel squidgy yes squidge it between your finger and thumb amazing so what we did then was plonk it into a bowl coriander on top and that is how you make Bini's delicious cumin rice bloopers please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share please subscribe like and share

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