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CURD/DAHI को बनायें 5 अलग तरीके से एकदम मज़ेदार | Summer Recipes | CookWithNisha



we all know that we must consume curd in summers but often we bore with having only that plain dahi so today I am gonna share with you five curd recipes and I'm sure you'll love these new combinations of curd so get this video to 40,000 Likes lets get started so first take curd it'll taste better if you use thick curd add veggies in the curd you need to add chopped veggies don't grate them mix well Mixed Fruit Dahi mix well you can also add sugar if you want this is perfect for breakfast these are easily available in market keep its quantity more than that of Dahi friends must try this combination once in this combination add dry coconut, Dried grapes dry berries and almonds you can also have in breakfast or as evening snacks dry fruits are rich in potassium, fibre and iron add salt and red chilli powder in curd you can skip chilli powder if you want mix well so all these are today's curd recipes how to make thick curd you can check out its videos on my channel do comment me which curd combination you liked the most?

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