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Daal K Sath Quick Hari Mirch Fry-Daal Recipes-Green Chili Recipe-Fried Vegetables Urdu Hindi 2018



tasty green chilies to be enjoyed with daal chawal or any thing you need only two ingredients and 5 minutes to make this recipe Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! cut the chilies from the center put oil in the pan around 1 to 2 tbs

those who are watching my video first time, this channel is all about easy and simple cooking to get easy recipes daily hit the subscribe button and the bell icon when the oil is little hot put chilies in it now fry them on medium heat for 3 minutes or until every one in the house asking whats happening in the kitchen i have started new series of videos containing only ingredients to save your time so go to my channel and see in the playlist

now add lemon juice and chat masala, you can add little salt if you want cover and let it simmer for 3 minutes on low flame quick green chilies are ready to get more recipes like this hit the subscribe button like this video and share it with someone who don't know about this recipe

Source: Youtube

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