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Daddy Daughter Dinnertime ep. 001 (A single Dad learning to cook for his daughters)



DAD: It's on right now You gotta stand in front of it

PIPER: Hi Hi MARIANNE: Hello people Hello people in the world that I don't know hey what's happening my name is Matthew Stanley I kind of run started lemon this little video series I'm doing right now and just make up a name I threw up Daddy Daughter Dinnertime

Cause I'm soon to be a single dad you know having to make dinner for my two little girls and you know I'm trying to eat a little healthier as you can see I like to eat But I'm in the process of you know exercising all the time now, trying to lose weight and you know just trying to eat healthier of course sometimes it may not look like that you know but most of the food I'm trying to eat now is real food And this is just gonna be some short you know little recipes I plan on doing that you know stuff that you can throw together pretty quickly you know to try and make at least I am to try and make a meal a good healthy meal for my girls they'll probably pop in here you got a cousin staying over tonight There's the cousin That's Marianne MARIANNE: Upstairs, we're watching YouTube on the TV

They're watching the they're watching the YouTube on TV This is Piper, she's my oldest and behind the camera is Ellie who's the youngest who is apparently didn't like how the shot was set up Do I look okay now? Ok, alright, that's great guys Anyway, today what I'm making them for dinner is I'm doing hamburgers but I wanted to throw a side together Didn't want to do something like french fries you know I thought about potato salad didn't really wanna do potato salad so I ended up actually kind of deciding to do macaroni salad which I've never done before

I've eaten it plenty of times but you know the ones that you have that I find now that you can you know get in stores and things like that they just have ingredients that I'm not you know very partial to so I went to my second favorite store my first favorite store is Webb City's Farmers Market here Great little farmers market, but my second favorite store, well actually it's probably tied for first because I love Natural Grocers I go in there all the time Picked up my little kombucha Which I actually love the taste of that

But just got some you know pretty small ingredients to throw in there I'm boiling up a pasta right now but I got some eggs that are from there Some Woodstock sweet relish I haven't tried this yet I'm kind of looking forward to it though I love things like pickles and all that Bubbies Pickles are some of my faves

But I've gotten into these Grillo's pickles absolutely delish I mean so much in fact you can like drink the juice Good stuff Got some cheese because I might throw some cheese either in there Old Crock Sharp Cheddar Old Crock stuff is really good and I love this Organicville Dijon Mustard

I picked this up a while ago not this one but one beforehand put on sandwiches and absolutely delish Got some bowtie instead of macaroni, I know So I guess it's more of a pasta salad instead of macaroni salad Grabbed a couple of onions from there and also got some peas and carrot from Cascadian farm which I've had some of their stuff before and I'm telling you what man these things they smell delish, hands are clean, and they taste good too so I'll kind of throw up you know some of the recipes as I'm goin through this

I didn't really, it's kind of an amalgamation of several different recipes and I'm sure that the next time I try and make something like this is gonna taste absolutely totally different than when it tastes this go-round Anyway part of you know kind of the health kick is that I've had some health issues in the past where my triglyceride levels were really high And I was working out a lot at the time You know wasn't eating or drinking a lot of sugar I did drink a lot of chocolate milk at the time but I still do that Probably, well I'm not gonna say I shouldn't because I absolutely love chocolate milk

You know the doctor was talkin bout putting me on, you know, medicine to help maintain it And he was givin me a short amount of time I don't remember like I said this was several several years ago to get things in a good order I talked with my mom and she had started talkin about you know certain things that were put in food that weren't good for you she was reading something about you know, not about diets but just about food, one things came across which ended up people joke, friends and family kind of joke about em now as to how they're my enemy and it's high fructose corn syrup and any sort of hydrogenated oils So anyway I went for about six months and I cut out everything with high-fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils and I went back to the doctor, I hadn't really lost you know, a ton of weight or anything and I wasn't tryin to at the time Looks like my bowl's to small

I am at my Mom's house so I don't know where anything is But my levels, my triglyceride level it just dropped amazingly I mean they were actually really shocked and obviously all that I think, because I was still drinkin chocolate milk at the time high fructose corn syrup Hey Mousey Ellie, what do you think? ELLIE: Good DAD: Here

Lemme try it ELLIE: No that's it This one Mmmmm DAD: You like it? ELLIE: Uh huh

My little SOOCOO cam There ya go Some pasta salad with mayo, and onions, eggs, some peas and carrots, sweet relish, and some Dijon mustard Got a three, uh four year old's approval so that's a good thing right? And it is pretty good actually I'll put the base recipe up there and then I'll kind of put the ingredients that I used, the ingredients that I skipped

Cause I have no measurements, so I have no idea how that stuff rolled Anyway I'm hoping these things get better the more they, they go on you know the burgers are just gonna be plain simple burgers, plain simple buns Gonna throw some cheese on I'm not gonna shoot those cause I'm sure most people know how to do that

But this was just kind of something I threw in there just in case you guys wanted something you know there's anybody out there like me that's just looking for something to serve just besides the main dish MARIANNE: Hello Hello everybody DAD: For your kids at dinner Alright who wants to say bye? ALL THE GIRLS: BYE!!! MARIANNE: Happy Eating

DADDY: Thank you Give me some recipes, things that you'd like to see me try, or things that you like to eat on your own Gimme some ideas cause I could use em Alright, "Happy Eating", Pipe, "Happy Eating" on three Naw, uh,, now hold on, ONE! TWO! THREE! ALL: HAPPY EATING!!! okay let's do another one ONE TWO THREE

ALL: DADDY DAUGHTER DINNERTIME!!! DAD: BOOM! DAD: Hey while you're here you got to try it DAD: How is it Pipe? Good? Alright DAD: Pasta salad

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