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Dal Gosht Recipe ll Bombay style Dal Gosh || with Englsih Subtitles || by Cooking with Benazir



First we will soak the lentils to make Dal Gosht We have taken three types of lentils Bengal gram Toor dal or Pigeon Peas Red Lentils or Masoor Dal I am sharing my moms recipe with you She used to make Dal Gosht this way

lets now add wash them nicely with water we will soak them for one hour If you have less time in hand You should soak them in warm water it will be ready in fifteen minutes then you can start cooking but if you are soaking them in cold water you will need to keep it for atleast one hour we have soaked them for an hour now Now we will transfer it to a pressure cooker There was some water in it when we had soaked We will now add some more water we have almost added two glasses of water now we will add We add oil so that the dal does not come out when it boils we will pressure cook now first we will cook till one whistle Then we will cook on a low flame for 5 to 7 minutes By the time the dal boils Lets prepare the masala we need to now put these into a grinder and grind well to make a fine paste we have taken half cup oil in a pressure cooker we will add we have fried the spices on low flame for a minute we will increase the flame now and fry the onions till they turn golden brown The onions have turned golden brown now we will add we will add the masala paste which we had ground using coriander leaves, ginger and chillies etc mix them well we have mixed them well now we have not added water at this moment because the masalas contained water and the mutton also releases some water

now we will cover the lid and cook we will cook the mutton till 80 % we will not cook it to 100% now let me reveal to you some secret ingredients which are very essential These will enhance the taste of the dal gosht but please dont tell anyone !!! We have pre heated the pan

we will add We will lightly roast these on a low flame Till they change color sightly then we will put off the flame The color has begun to change lets put off the flame now i can smell the nice aroma now we will let it to cool and then grind them in a grinder we will not fine grind we will keep it a little coarse we have cooked the mutton till one whistle lets check we now need to cook it on a high flame the masalas seem to have been cooked well now let us add the dal (lentils) that we had boiled i have blended the slurry in a blender we will cook for some time on a high flame we have cooked on a high flame for 4 to 5 minutes now we will lower the flame and now we will put a lid over it but we will keep it half covered till the bottle gourd cooks properly This should take around 10 to 12 minutes please stir in between we have almost cooked it for 10 to 15 minutes you can see that it has cooked well a perfect blend of color and aroma this is exactly what we needed this is the authentic color of the dal gosht now finally we will add the remaining ingredients lets add the secret ingredients that we had prepared we will add 2 tbsp i have made juice of this tamarind keep the flame low and mix well from this stage we will not cook it more cook only for 3 to 4 minutes on a low flame so that all the spices blend well

i can smell the tempting aroma now If you make this dal gosht my style then i am sure your family members will come asking hey whats cooking ? now we will cook it on a low flame for 3 to 4 minutes so that all the ingredients blend perfectly its almost ready we will put off the flame now and we will cover the lid and keep it for 10 minutes

and then it should be ready to be served

Source: Youtube

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