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Friends today we are going to make a very popular indian dish "Dal Khichdi" Lets see the requirements we will take split and dehusked moong dal i had washed it well and soaked it for half an hour if you have less time then just soak it in warm water for some time

I had washed them and soaked them for half an hour you can use any rice u want basmati or kolam which ever u like, I have added Oil here to ensure that the dal does not ooze out of the cooker while it is cooking We need to add almost 2 glasses of water here mix well we will now cover the lid first we will cook on a high flame till one whistle later we will reduce the flame and cook for 5 to 7 minutes so that our khichdi cooks well i have put off the flame of the cookerThere is still pressure in it

once the pressure reduces we will open the lid Without ghee you cant enjoy the khichdi so my advice is you too use ghee We will allow the cumin seeds to change color saute on a low flame for 1 minute We will fry till the onions change color We will not over cook the onions we just need golden brown onions look golden brown now we will add The quantity of green and red chillies depends upon how spicy you eat So decide as per your needs

we have added salt in the khichdi too so use only a little mix well Now we will cook the tomatoes on a low flame Till then let us check our khichdi the pressure it almost gone now let us check It has cooked well i feel this is exactly how we needed perfect consistency The tomatoes are cooked now we will add the khichdi to it

mix well We will not keep it so thick therefore we will add some water now I have almost added half a glass of water We will cover it and cook on a low flame so that our khichdi blends well with the spices Cook for 4 to 5 minutes Wow the aroma is mouth watering

This is the perfect consistency neither thick nor watery Mix well put off the flame and serve

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