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Day 3 – How To Cook Dinakdakan (Ilocano style)



Hi welcome back to our channel, this is our third day of our 30 days vlogging challenge charot so in todays video its hash tag no content and we don't know what to do cause its raining outside we can't go out and here at home its the same old story, playing with the kids thats all my English is exhausted 🙂 so what now chammy So this is what were gonna do today, its dinakdakan day charan! (Chammy) dont you have a much more better way of delivering your intro? (Chammy) Tell them about what we bought from the market yesterday so we bought something from the market we bought something from the market its dinakdakan we are gonna show you how Ilocanos do it lets go First is to boil the meat dinakdakancan have a lot of combinations The one that we have is pig intestines pig's ear liver and some meat While waiting for the meat to become tender you can now go ahead and prepare your onions When the meat is ready take it out of the water and drain it a bit The next step is to grill the meat if you don't have charcoals you can do it on your stovetop Just put on a grill and grill it Grilling gives it that smoky taste but make sure that you don't burn it because it'll make it bitter After grilling let it cool down, after you can now slice it into thin strips or whatever size you want After slicing the meat you are now ready to mix it with all of the other ingredients Add in the calamansi juice, onion leeks Pepper Salt and a little bit of vinegar Mix the ingredients for a bit and then add in the ingredient that will make it creamy, The pig's brain For added flavor you can toss in some Chili Peppers or siling haba As well as ginger After just toss it in a bigger container and it's ready to serve now this has been our 30 day vlogging challenge I hope that you'd watch our next videos

And again, thank you for supporting us Bye

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