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Delhi Street Food – Is Food Truck Legal? | #MyMissAnand #ShrutiArjunAnand #NishaTries #CookWithNisha



Hey guys!! its me Nisha and today i've come up with another food vlog video and I haven't come here alone today I am here with these two foodies my daughter Anantya and Shruti so lets check it out where we've come today Anantya are you excited those who love to cook and wanted to enter in this field Generally we've option of Restaurant but for that we need to make a big investment also require some license too so somewhere we compromise with our choice Food Trucks are in trend these days through these you can follow your passion and you need to do a basic investment in these and you can fulfil your dream the best thing is that no need to buy food truck means you can take it on rent so you can try out it once if you've passion for cooking we've gossiped a lot now lets make an order that what we gonna to eat today so here we are at Thymes food and we gonna to make an order you can see all the food trucks are here in a queue so we gonna try out different menu from different food trucks here you can see a glimpse of these food truck you can see here how nicely assembled everything here now we take our order is it tasty? may I ask about its recipe the best thing in these fries that potato shouldn't soaked too much of oil this is perfect for me as I love spicy food now we gonna to move towards another food truck to explore something more so here are yummy Tandoori Momos we've got this green chutney with it in which I'll dip these Momos that barbecue flavoured is too good its stuffing too is so good I wanted to taste this Mexican food these are veg Soya Tandoori Chaap you can see here the small pieces of Chaap so that spice get soaked well in it its too yummy this is Afgani Mali Chicken so here I am with Ajay ji who runs Indian, Chinese and Mexican food truck now we'll ask him

what was his thought to start these food truck? and what are challenges he face?? did you have some other sort of other business before these food truck or something related to this ?? so that was our today's food vlog we've enjoyed a lot and eaten that Tandoori Momos which are my favourite one what you've liked the most? and what you've liked? as we told you these Food Truck business is gradually in India and how they run and what are the challenges people face to run these food trucks the benefit for us if these food truck business runs well We'll get quality food and thats too at lower price these food trucks are running so many places but today we've come up here in Noida, Sector 93 you can find these nearby Noida Express Highway so try out food from these food truck whenever you come to this side so will see you in my next video till then

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