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Delhi’s MOST Famous MOMOS at Dolma Aunty, Lajpat Nagar | Street Food Indian Recipes | #NishaTries



We all like Momos its hard to find someone who doesn't like Momos Hello friend!! This Nisha and today we are in Lajpat Nagar which is in New Delhi its also famous named as a "Central Market its also famous for Dolma Aunty Momos can't wait more want to try these authentic style momos here we get Momos in three different varieties Chicken Momos, Veg Momos & Paneer Momos Rs

60/- cost for Chicken Momos we get 8 Momos in full plate they serve this sauce with the Momos this Chilly Sauce/ Chutney She is Ashlesha Almost from12 years she is trying Momos from here what you've ordered today? can you tell me whats so special about in these Momos?? you've only Chicken Momos or try Veg or Paneer Momos yeah I've tries the Paneer Momos too but Chicken Momos are my favourite its quite obvious who is Non-vegetarian always opt for Chicken these are too soft the one thing thats required in these Momos that its outer layering should be soft and thin now I am gonna try this so soft and delicious yeah its actually like that we heard about it Paneer Momos is in round shape these are tasty too but I always opt for Chicken Momos they serve Chinese Platter along with these Momos both Veg and Non-Veg veg Platter cost for Rs 80/- & Rs 100/- for Non-Veg Platter so they serve noodles with these Veg Platter this Manchurian smells so good so this Dolma's Aunty shop open at 12:00 in the noon till 10:30 pm as you can see here the rush here here they are preparing Non-Veg Platter what are these? chilly chicken so I am ready to try this Non-Veg Platter so this Dolma's Aunty shop established in 1990 she is Ankita and she lives in Germany so let us talk about these Dolma Aunty's Momos from her so are you visit here especially to try these Momos?? from how long you come here? from last 5 to 7 years and what's your favourite from here? I like chicken Momos tell me in the comment which Momos is your favourite?? I really enjoyed making this food vlog now we are going to pass through these colourful streets of Lajpat Nagar feel like to do shopping seeing all these colourful stuffs so I must buy these ear- rings hit the LIKE button if you've enjoyed this video also subscribe to my channel "CookWithNisha" by clicking on that red Subscribe button so stay tuned with me don't know wherever I meet with you through these food vloggings so will see you in my next video

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