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Hello Everybody Welcome to My YouTube Channel Today we make Cauliflower Recipe with Carrot & Green Peas Ingredients require 2 Onions Chooped /Sliced 1 Small Spoon Cummins & Mustard Seeds , Curry Leaves Chooped 2 Tomatos cutted in slice , 1 Table Spoon Ginger & Garlic Paste Few Corriander Leaves Cauliflower cutted, Carrot small sized & sliced in piece 1 Potato in small sliced Green Peas Lets Start Cooking Gas Knob On Once Pot Heated ,then we pour Oil in it Pot got Heated now its time to put oil 2 Table Spoon Oil Once Oil Heated then put oil is heated 1 Small Spoon Cummins & Mustard Seeds Curry Leaves Onion , 1 Table Spoon Ginger & Garlic Paste Mix it Properly Slow the Gas Flame Cover it with Lid / Plate Let the Onions Colour change to Golden After 2 minutes check Mix it Tomatos Keep it on low flame ,till tomatos get softhen and cover it with lid But keep check in between Tomatos cooked, Cauliflower , Sliced Carrot ,Potatos & Green Peas Dry Ingredients Turmeric Powder Pinch Salt as per your Taste Chilli Powder as per your Taste & requirement 2 Glass of Water for cooking – Gravy

( One can also make Dry Gravy by putting less water in it) Chopped Corriander Leaves Keep some in spare for Garnish Flame high mix properly cover it wait till the water get boil keep the flame low for 15 minutes friends 15 minutes over mix properly keep it again or 20 minutes for 5 miuntes keep the flame fast our recipe is ready now garnish it and serve it tasty, delicious try it if you like the recipe, then give the like on video, , share it, subscribed it and press the bell icon to get my video instantly till then bye thankyou , take care

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