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Delicious Dips: Grilled Corn and Poblano Dip | Rachael Ray Show



Alright, so, our next one is a grilled poblano and corn dip So I have three ears of corn over here, I'm grilling those guys up, we're gonna take the poblano

That's a delicious chip Isn't it a delicious chip? Yeah, I liked it a lot So we're gonna pop a poblano and serrano, you could also use a jalepeno Can I chop this up? Yeah, go ahead and chop that up And you just want to grill those guys on the grill until they get super charred

And then peel them, right? Yeah So to peel them, you just take them while they're still nice and hot, and charred, and you throw 'em into a bowl, you put some plastic wrap right on top so they kinda steam up a little bit And then you can just take the peel right off There we go So, a hot pepper, a mild pepper, charred, let them cool just like roasted red peppers

Corn on the cob, you know how when I was a little kid one of the first pictures of me is, I had passed out in my high chair with a cob hanging out of my mouth (audience laughing) 'Cause my mom couldn't get it away from me, that's how much I love corn So, you grilled up the corn Yeah, so then in this bowl we have a whole brick of cream cheese Softened cream cheese

We've got about eight ounces of it You know what, this is almost like a hot cheese ball Isn't that fun? And we're gonna make it on the grill We're gonna throw this one in the oven actually and melt the cheese and stuff But if you're doing this outside, you just put it onto the grill, you shut the lid, and you let everything melt down a little bit

Right, you just close the lid, and it cooks it and heats it through and makes everybody get along Yep, exactly So, we're gonna spice that up with a little bit of cumin Nice and smoky, it goes perfectly with all of our grilled vegetables Some chili powder, or that was paprika

That's paprika, this is the chili powder Little bit of chili powder And you can get creative with that What about this? Oh yeah, we're gonna put in half of that cheese, the other half is gonna go on top I know, right? Ridiculous! So, we mix this up

(audience applauding) We mix this up I think there's a cast iron back there, would you might grabbing that for me? Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah And you want to use a big cast iron pan if you're gonna put this on the grill Cast iron skillet, baby Yep, we're gonna put this on top

Nobody is gonna care anything you grill after this, so you might as well just put out the dip, 'cause nobody is gonna care about the hamburger, or the hot dogs It's gonna be all about the chips, and the dip So then we're gonna put the rest of the cheese on top Doesn't that look yummy? That's a work of art Yep, and both of these dips are gonna pair perfectly with our Cape Cod Waves potato chips

The Waves Open the doo-dad Oh sure (audience applauding) So you can go down there We got a hot one up there

There it is, ooh, that looks so good and bubbly Oh my god, move move move! Look at that! And a little bit of cilantro goes on top Yum I can't believe I have to continue working right now You do, I don't

Why don't you take my Waves, and just fill that fill that with Waves, like everywhere (audience applauding) Ooh look at that Ride the Waves Oh I can't, if I start I'll never stop I adore you

I have a lot of eating to do That's a lot of fun, a great way to kick off Memorial Day weekend (audience cheering)

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