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Delicious Dips: Grilled Sour Cream and Scallion Dip | Rachael Ray Show



We're kicking off Memorial Day weekend, it's finally upon us, that means everybody is gonna be hanging out in their backyards by the grill this weekend We have one of my favorite members of the culinary team here, this is Grant

Now (audience applauds) Grant is normally out here because he's an amazing baker, but today he's going savory with one of my favorite ingredients, corn on the cob Yes, right? Now get this, Grant's gonna show us not one, but two great dips to celebrate with this weekend

Yeah And they're both off the grill, no? Yeah, we're making two versions of chip dip, and we're gonna do them both on the grill Today we're working with Cape Cod, so we're gonna make some really great dips– Cape Cod potato chips, people Yes, that's right (audience applauds) Now wait, I grew up in Cape Cod when I was supper little, I went to Mashpee Central School for kindergarten and first grade, I know me some chips, and I know me some Cape Cod

I'm very excited 'cause they have the waves ones now, right? Yeah The ridgy, bumpy ones Yes, the waves Waves, get it? Cape Cod Yes

Alright Alright, so our first one, we're gonna make two all-American dips today, the first one, you can't get any more American than sour cream and onion dip, right? Sour cream and onion dip! Right? Yes please! So we're gonna grill up our sour cream and onion dip today by taking a bunch of scallions, you have them right there Yep Six of those, we're gonna dress them with some olive oil, and we're just gonna throw them onto a hot grill And the reason I love these, especially for Memorial Day is because your grill's already hot

You're already outside grilling up all the meats, and the chicken, and the– Exactly, you don't wanna go inside just to make the dip Exactly (audience applauds drowns out dialogue) You char up your scallions Look at those are nice and charred and delicious, and then just cut off those ends, cause we're gonna actually puree it, so you don't have to really chop them up too much Got it, you're just gonna trim off the root

Right, so as all good sour cream and onion dips start, a little bit of sour cream And by a little bit I means a whole container of it (Rachael laughs) You have to right? These guys can go in, yep? Throw those guys in, sour cream goes in, would you mind doing a little lemon zest for me? Sure baby, and some garlic? Yep, we're gonna do the zest and the juice of a lemon, 'cause you need a little bit of acidity in there You need salt and acid in pretty much everything Yeah

There we go And then, let me grab our salt and pepper down here Garlic, yes? Yep, glove of garlic goes in, some salt, some salt, a tiny a bit more salt (audience laughs) Why not? Whatever Grant and I love salt and fat, you do what you want in your house with your salt

(audience laughs) This is how we dip, right? This is how we dip it Oop, got some in my eyes, it's alright, it's alright, I can still see That's why I have two eyes, just this one it's not working (Rachael laughs) Alright, so we're gonna pop this on the top Oops, it's already going

And you just puree it, puree that up until it gets' nice and smooth and delicious And then I like to put it into a bowl like we have over here You want me to use this cute little red one again? Yeah use that cute one And then garnish it with the chives, right? We're gonna stir the chives in Pop it into the fridge, let it chill for a little bit, so it gets nice and thick again

'Cause it's kinda warmed up from those warm scallions So you can stir those in– I get ya, I get ya And then I have one back here that's already done for us This is our first of two delicious all-American dips Yum! That's our sour cream and onion, excuse me, our grilled sour cream and onion dip

And I'm just gonna top that with some more chives right on top Yes baby! Check that out Alright, what's next, let's keep it moving I mean, I would like to taste this one first Go get to work, you can taste at the end Grant

I wanted to do it now We have very famous people waiting in the wings, let's go (audience applauds)

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