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DELICIOUS vegan summer buddha bowls! {easy & healthy 7 recipes}


[UltraVid id=489 ][Music] hello everyone and welcome to my channel if you knew my name is Rachael Emma and today I am here with some summer inspired Buddha bowls the weather in London in the UK has been amazing and all I’ve been eating is kind of healthy salads I’ve shared them on my Instagram so if you have me on that you’ve seen them but I haven’t shared many on YouTube so today I wanted to share them with you guys they’re very delicious and summery and light and healthy so the basis of these three different recipes are three different homemade pesters that you can use to incorporate into some delicious salad bowls so I really hope you guys enjoy these recipes let’s get straight into it so the first thing I’m gonna do is roast up this garlic so I’m just gonna chop off the top and peel off the layers and then I’ve got four sweet red peppers which I’m gonna roast to make my red pepper pesto so I’m gonna put these in the oven I want to get the garlic to caramelize and cook and I want to get those roasted peppers nice and dark on the outside not burnt but just cooked so for my red pepper pesto I wanted to use roasted almonds so I’ve got about a quarter cup of roasted almonds and I’m just gonna toast them it only takes a couple minutes if you do it for too long they do burn really quickly so you want to keep an eye on it you want to keep tossing it and just make sure that they don’t burn but get a nice little toast on the outside so once I’ve toasted them I’m just gonna put them in my blender so I can blend them down to get them nice and fine for when it goes into my pesto and here is the roasted almonds so now I’ve got my red peppers and my garlic straight out the oven everything has cooked and slightly caramelized and I just want to show you the roasted garlic or sweet and yummy and delicious rather than being bitter so now I’m just gonna get my red peppers slice them open get the seeds up because I don’t want those and then I’m also gonna peel the skins off I find it really easy to take the skins off some people do put them in bags first to loosen them up but I never really have a problem and it’s just a bit wasteful if they come off so easily so I’m gonna add all my red peppers to a blender and then I’m gonna add some fresh basil and I’m gonna add about four or five cloves of roasted garlic blend it together I don’t want it to get too fine but I do want to get a bit of blending going on and then here we have it so then I’m going to add only about half of my roasted almonds and then I’m going to use a really high-quality extra virgin olive oil if you are using olive oil for pesto’s it is really important to get a really good high-quality one that actually has some nutrient value and tastes like olives so then I’m gonna add some black pepper some Himalayan salt and some nutritional yeast you could say that the nutritional yeast is my parmesan replacement super tasty super tasty so this is the final red pesto it is so delicious I absolutely love it super easy to make and so versatile so an easy way to eat them is to infuse them with some cooked chickpeas to make a salad so very simple I’m just gonna mix it in with the chickpeas and let it marinate and smoke together and then we have a really easy red pepper chickpea salad so to make my Bowl I decided to grill some over jeans I am in love with the texture of grilled over jeans with a bit of pink salt and a bit of olive oil it’s so simple but the texture and the taste is oh it’s lovely also eggplant if you’re in America aubergine if you’re in the UK so I’m just gonna use some letters some rocket some alfalfa sprouts some fresh coriander from the garden some fresh cucumber some sweet cherry tomatoes and then my grilled aubergine which tastes so good it looks a bit weird but honestly it tastes so good then I’m adding my red pepper chickpeas and some lime you can also add your own dressing here but I am personally in love with using like lemon or lime as a dressing add some more coriander and delicious so what I absolutely love about this red pesto is it is so versatile I love it with linguini you can even mix up the chickpeas and the pesto into a paste and use that as like a sandwich filler on bread is so tasty and something like this you can make a big batch at the start of the week and mix it up for the next few days whether you want it in a salad in a sandwich as a pasta sauce it’s just so versatile and so tasty you can also add something like white wine vinegar if you want to keep it for a longer amount of time which is completely up to you also if you love the taste of vinegar it adds a nice kick so I really hope you guys enjoyed that recipe let’s get straight on to the next one so to make my pesto my my blender wasn’t working properly so I just had to hand make it this time I had some pine nuts which I’m just gonna mash down a handful of basil straight from the garden squeezing in lots and lots of fresh lemon juice I would use the lemon zest but I don’t have an organic lemon that’s unwaxed then I added some black pepper some pink salt and lots of nutritional yeast again as my Parmesan replacement and I’m just mashing it together obviously this would be a lot quicker in a blender but I’m making do with what I’ve got and this was quite a fun workout to be completely honest then I am adding my extra virgin super high-quality olive oil which tastes amazing mixing it together and then I personally love lime in my gravel pesto’s it just I just love it I’m obsessed that mixer mixer mix and there you have a really easy basil pesto so now to go with the salad bowl I’m gonna roast some new potatoes so I’ve got some olive oil black pepper garlic salt and I just wanted to use loads of my fresh rosemary from the garden and love rosemary so but you could go with whatever herbs you feel like oregano thyme mint whether you feel like and then I’m just gonna make some quinoa so I’m gonna add some water and some quinoa that I rinsed earlier and I’m just gonna cook this up and I’m also gonna use some broccoli so I’m gonna slice up my broccoli into small pieces and I’m just going to very lightly steam them I don’t want them super soft and overcooked I just want them gently cooked for the tiny crunch tiny then I’m gonna make my little balls so I’ve got some cooked green lentils my cooked quinoa then I’m gonna add in my fresh basil pesto mix it all together and then finally add my cooked broccoli and this makes a really simple nice tasty quinoa lentil salad high in protein and super flavoursome so to make my bowl I’m gonna continue with the foundations of my salad so I’ve got some letters to rocket some alfalfa sprouts and my quinoa lentil basil salad I’m adding my new potato straight out the oven some fresh cucumber my alfalfa sprouts my fresh cherry tomatoes avocado of course and then I’m gonna sprinkle some coriander on top as well as some lime salt and pepper or lemon or your favorite dressing and that’s my salad bowl basil pesto is such a staple I love it especially because we’re growing basil in the garden our basil is phenomenal it is so tasty so refreshed it definitely spices things up when you add them to different lagoons and different vegetables such as April so I really hope you guys enjoyed that recipe let’s get on to the next one so for this one I’m gonna make a kale pesto so I’ve got my garlic my roasted garlic from earlier I’m adding adding my walnuts and adding loads of fresh kale then I’m gonna squeeze in lots and lots of fresh lemon and I’m also going to throw in some basil as well then I’m gonna blend this up in the blender and then here we have the kale mixture I’m going in with some more lemon again this just really helps break down the kale then I’m adding some black pepper some pink salt and again my high-quality olive oil and I’m just gonna mix it together to make my kale pesto and of course the nutritional yeast can’t forget the nutritional yeast and voila there she is so for this I’m also going to cut up some cucumber make my kale salad pesto so I’m going in with some cannellini beans cannellini beans can be quite soft which is why I wanted to add some cucumber to add a bit of crunch and I’m running my kale pesto with the cucumber and I’m just gonna mix it together to give myself a bit of a kale beanie cucumber salad and sometimes I mash that into a paste but anyway again with the basics I’m going in with a fresh salad rocket alfalfa coriander kale beans some fresh cherry tomatoes my cucumber some gluten-free pizza bread a little bit of hummus and some avocado and then that is my final salad bowl oh and can’t forget the lime and there she is so with the kale pesto it’s really important for me to get some dark leafy greens into my diet and this is a really fun way to do it especially because the kale and the lemon and the garlic kind of infused together it softens out the kale and it makes a really tasty pesto and you’re gonna get some B vitamins and you’re gonna get some iron and you can be so versatile with it I love to mash the cannellini beans or the butter beans with the kale pesto and make like a sandwich topping so imagine like some rye bread put on the match on top put some grilled over jeans maybe some alfalfa sprinkle some lemon maybe some avocado Tamar so it’s absolutely delicious thank you guys so much for watching this video I really hope you guys enjoyed these recipes if you do make them don’t forget to let me know tag me on Instagram shout me in the comments if you make similar recipes I love hearing from you guys these are just some of the recipes but I love to make especially in the summer months when it is too hot for like stews and curries a nice salad with some nice fresh herbs is just perfect so I really hope you guys enjoyed these recipes don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for new videos every single week and please please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it every like helps and I really hope you did like it so please give it a thumbs up and comment down below and let’s have a conversation I’ll see you guys next week bye [Music] [Music]

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