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Dhaba Style Anda Masala Recipe /ढाबा स्टाइल अंडा मसाला रेसिपी/Egg Masala Recipe/Egg Curry



Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Cooking With Preity Puja Today I am with you Dhaba Style Eg Curry I am about to share the recipe Egg is very good for health

It is a very good source of protein So definitely watch this recipe end Because it is going to be a very big test So let's start making it For this, I have prepared the eggs here and boiled it Now we can help with knives or fork in all these eggs Holes in this way

By doing so, the spices should be cooked in the egg Goes well And now I have pierced all the eggs Now we will lay down all these eggs till golden brown For this, I have two tablespoons mustard oil Heated on medium flame

Now we can lay eggs in it Will take up until golden brown Keep the flame in the middle And now these eggs have become golden brown I'll take it out In the same way, the rest of the eggs will also be fried And this is all the eggs I get until golden brown Tulder is ready

Now we will prepare for the gravy For this I had two big onions on here Like this by cutting into slices Is ready Two green chillies Chilli Quantity You can do more or less according to your test A small piece of ginger was taken

I have also bitten it in small pieces And take ten to twelve garlic buds We will grind all these materials So I put them in a jar of mixes It's not too much grinding

Grind it as soon as it grows up and ready Now we will prepare for dry spices First of all, we will take one and a half tablespoon gram flour in this bowl Given the gram flour, the gravy will be very good thickened Anytime, we make a gravy vegetable Then we have to face a problem After becoming a vegetable, water starts separating from the gravy

So pouring the gram flour does not have any problem If you want five seven cashew nuts instead of gram flour Grind with onion and prepare it and prepare it A small spoon turmeric powder A small spoon cumin powder A teaspoon red chilli powder 2 tablespoon coriander powder Now mix these things well Now we will make a gravy back in this pan So, I extract extra oil from it And only three to four tablespoons will remain

Heat the pan over medium flame Will flame the flame Cumin will give dal As soon as the cumin begins to crack, Then we will put two faster addresses Will put asafetida Now this is what we have prepared dry spices, put it

Will fry Before it starts burning Put onion paste You will also fry it We have already added all the spices Until the spices roast We will grind tomatoes and prepare them And I've got it ready It's been almost ten minutes and Now you can see, our masala has been frozen

Its color has changed It is not sticking in curry now It has become a place So now that we have prepared tomato paste They will put it Mix and roast It will fry till we leave the oil Sprinkle the spices for five minutes Now we will add kasoori methi in it It will put halts on it

Here I have taken a table spoon Kasuri fenugreek Now we will fry back the spice It has been almost ten minutes frying and Now he is ready to roast it It has started dropping oil So now we will add water to it You want to win gravy thick or thin Pour the water accordingly

Add salt Will mix Add salt according to your test Let's cover it Will make the flame moderate It's been five minutes

Open the lid and take a look Very good boil is coming in the gravy Will put the eggs Cover it for two minutes back It's been two minutes

Open the lid and run it Now we will put half table spoon hot masala in it Mix well Take the flame Cover back for one minute so that flavor of garam masala Come on well in our egg curry

It's been a minute Opening the lid Run once Very good smile Our egg curry is ready The gas will stop

Now we get it from the leaves of finely chopped green coriander Garnish will do the survey So today i will give you ten eggs The recipe for dhaba style egg curry has been described There is a lot of test in this food You must definitely try by making it And so you have four to five people Can easily survey

Serve it with bread or rice So friends, how did you find this recipe? Definitely tell in the comment box And if you liked this recipe Then like it and share it And if you have come to my channel for the first time, then subscribe to it So keep getting my updates Then meet again with a new recipe Thank you for so long

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