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Dining with the Chef – Authentic Japanese Cooking / Teriyaki Chicken [1080p]



dining with the chef Japan is an Island country surrounded by the sea water flows through it Enriching its land both creating a delicious bounty of food There are techniques used to transform seasonal ingredients into Japanese cuisine or wash, Oka? resulting in refined and Elegant dishes Washoku expresses the seasonality of ingredients attractively displayed in the presentation of each dish In today's program our chef will teach you how to make Washoku at home Our host is you hi ani together we will learn about the fantastic world of Japanese cooking Today, we're learning how to grill chicken teriyaki It's a popular Japanese dish both at home and in restaurants Teriyaki is a cooking technique, but it uses a mixture of soy sauce and mitad two base dishes during cooking As you may know chicken teriyaki is a popular dish well known around the world So today let's learn how to make it at home Our chef is Mr Tatsuo, Saito He has trained a multitude of chefs over the past 30 years There's never a dull moment with chef Saito Authentic Japanese cooking, okay, let's get cooking Hi, everyone welcome to dining with the chef I'm your so today Chef will teach us how to make? Chicken teriyaki a very popular dish in Japan as well as all around the world and it's one of my favorite dishes It's delicious so teriyaki is made by frying or grilling it and Because it's a soy sauce based sauce it can easily be burnt yes, but you want to brown it a little bit of Flavor I Know how it looks it's important We want to cook it Well in that case It's also essential that it is tender and juicy Today, we're garnishing the dish with some greens such as broccoli to provide nutrition and a color accent We'll also learn how to cook salmon, and weiss

It's a light dish of rice mixed with grilled salmon and mushroom This autumn meal has a wonderful color accent as well Chef Saito Steve Aoki Sauce is simple made with only soy sauce sake and minun minun adds sweetness and also a sheen We're sprinkling the dish with powdered Sansho pepper in Japan people often use this Japanese spice to make chicken teriyaki even better chef Saito's chicken teriyaki requires simple ingredients, but the result is delicious Our main ingredient today is chicken and we're going to be using chicken thighs Dominguez kid or more money okay? So we're going to cook this as is or do we cut them so today I'm gonna miss them the Cocoon is saying on a Mannequin there This part is the bottom thigh at this part is the upper thigh the bottom part is sinewy and can be very tough So using the heel of a knife lightly tenderize the bottom part by cutting taking care not to cut all the way through And that makes it juicy juicy more juicy and Tender You only do this on the bottom part of the thigh the upper portion is not as sinewy So there's no need Then separate the bottom and upper thigh and cut each Now let's make the teriyaki sauce Chef Santos Sauce is made with sake Mirin and soy sauce It's sweet and salty taste has a wide appeal and teriyaki dishes Have become a staple in Japanese restaurants around the world You can find pre-made teriyaki sauce at local supermarkets in many countries Most Japanese people make it themselves some use sugar or honey instead of mitten shoving glutinous rice With a Brix scale rating of about 40 percent sugar by Mass So Maidan is known to add a natural mild sweetness if you don't have mitten try mixing dry wine and honey Now we're going to marinate the chicken pieces in the teriyaki sauce So is this the same sauce we're going to be using when we cook it to over it? Yes, it is same source Okay, now we're marinating raw chicken, but we're going to use it as a sauce afterwards mmM Is that okay? There's nothing to worry about Mmm, because we're going to be boiling it yes high heat This is how you do that though, okay? No problem, okay? Let the chicken marinate in the sauce for ten minutes All right, then so while the chicken is marinating We're going to prepare the broccoli

Which is our Garnish Mm-hmm Separate the broccoli into small florets and blanch in salted water for 30 seconds Then shocked in ice water to stop the cooking process after dry on Paper Towels, so The chicken has been marinating for 10 minutes, and you can tell because the color is desert get it should have 20 of favorit by now that's right So now it's time to cook the chicken Yes Next put the chicken into a sieve and drain well Now put a frying pan on medium heat and warm the vegetable Side first okay, so chef because the chicken has been marinating in the soy sauce beef So when we cook it? We should be careful that it doesn't burn because it gets burnt Now be patient don't disturb the chicken let it cook for four to five minutes until the skin is slightly seared The chicken will release a delicious grilled Flavor also now the sauce will really cling to the chicken oh I can think and smell it It's starting to smell very fragrant There's soy sauce being cooked Very nice

Yeah, this is your sister Yes, yes So do we add the sauce soon or not yet? No, yes? No When the chicken has browned like this that is the best then flip each one turn the heat to low and Cover and let it steam Naturally for three minutes this will make the chicken fluffy and juicy you need to cook the chicken thoroughly before adding the teriyaki sauce Three minutes later, it's okay done Jaja Here's our chefs technique now It's time to add the sauce let's learn how to create a sheen first add the Sauce all at once You're gonna cook another I Did it all see them they didn't? when heating the sauce it will release moisture and the sauce will thicken this process allows a sheen to develop a Tip for preventing the sauce from burning and creating a sheen is to baste the chicken constantly But if you do this for too long the chicken will overcook and become tough so do be careful you I'm buddy, you see they don't ever get robot to do Let's base the chicken for three to four minutes now You can see a beautiful sheet Then remove the chicken beginning with the smallest pieces first Here's another chef's tip don't get rid of the sauce Now we will reduce it Hmm getting very thick reduce the sauce stirring constantly with a spoon Hmm Durka right the Brown is much darkness much Jerky Okay? It's the wonderful Spoon the thick sauce over the chicken Now you'll see a wonderful sheen Wow Okay, this is um This is it Ok now let's arrange it to serve Cut just by looking that the chicken is tender and juicy We cut the chicken because in Japanese culture we often use Chopsticks rather than a knife or fork at the table So cutting food into manageable pieces is important Right looks so good Keith Demint, Oka got me really and then we add some broccoli for color yes, oh And we have a teriyaki sauce Finished touch santosh

Oh, yes, I love Sancho Sancho Pepper is a favorite spice in Japan it has a tingling effect on the time it goes well with a sweet and salty sauce Like a grape with other sweet Multi dishes like Kabayaki Grill legal or Yakitori grilled skewered chicken Of course you can always substitute ground chili pepper instead It's bigger the such about it Yes, it's finished Our chef will now teach us some Japanese cuisine Trivia in the Master chefs world con Chi, Ba Skeino Kyriaki Ahsoka, Samastah Teriyaki Ba Americano G So nemo case a star aerodrome Seca a gimme No serie de Rio nGAta Mijo No dent oh, Tina choi a hoda's con Chi Ba Ninky no skin teriyaki odi Mastiha– Teriyaki Nemo yo yo Yo

Yo very Messy, Teddy a chemo dying Kokomo PD Akihabara Devoe Ocd Co Day Korea he no Teddy quoi Ca no photo Yeah, Kiba, yakko Yo sudo any See at Siani Kagayaku Yoni, Yaaaa Yo yo, yo even and esto Con queso que Esta t Xo swap Yo-yo milto Satoori came re ruto Bunga, Teddy todo very rude see on Ohina stays Teddy exhaust oh steady, Tondo de El Rojo guy Koko De Uke Laly Uni Noah Yo chuck says yeah, today's Teriyaki oh American Aikido meet on oh ah me home

No ot show you make arista Dainichi Sekai Tango Show yo America De Gamboa Sido una y hasta God laka Daka Yuri vas end Esta so coder a Medic on Os2 Ticino kSenia ione show us Kata yo yo restivo Hangar sue customer at a togoro Naca Demo teriyaki Nene Oh No, cobra Chica get a show you de Gaga Katy, Exo So scream Esta, Su roto show you mo America De Rohan be aware teriyaki mo see Darrell yo, Anata, Tony cotton and s Ky guidera light arrow media so Seonhwa Solo Camino Esta Ticino ching a leone Spice d'Adamo hi te reo Dansgame honk

I know bata Skin Teddy Akio Connectivity Gaza Now let's make our rice dish using salmon Which is at its peak in autumn in Japan We also use one more autumn ingredient mushrooms and a Japanese herb, Mitsuba So where should we start for us let's cook with the salmon okay? And today? We're going to be using salted salmon Yes Salmon are found around the world in Japan is no exception There are many rivers that supports him in Japan and people have been catching them for Millennia Here the Peak season is considered Spa in Japanese cuisine Salmon appears in a variety of dishes fresh salmon is eaten as sashimi or sushi You can grill it of course and Japanese often make teriyaki with it or pan-fried and use it as an ingredient in hot pots Today, we're using salted salmon It's a salmon That's been salted and dried to preserve it This traditional preserved salmon has a different level of umami Flavor Compared to fresh salmon salty and savory

It goes well with the bowl of rice a bowl of rice Miso Soup in salted salmon makes a traditional Japanese breakfast Salted Salmon is an essential part you can grill the salted salmon easily using a frying pan line the front And grill over medium heat the parchment paper prevents the salmon from burning Cover and let it steam for five minutes then flip Recover and let it steam for another minute Now the salmon is beautifully cooked Remove the skin and separate the flesh from the bones We're mixing the salmon into rice so carefully remove the pin bones We're using Shimeji mushrooms Which are also at their peak in autumn first remove the hard bottom part of the mushrooms Then break the mushrooms into pieces You can actually use any type of mushroom We'll use, Mitsuba to add color and flavor Meets about is an indigenous Japanese herb which has a refreshing celery like flavor Bundle of the Mitsuba neatly with a rubber band and blanch in salted water for 20 to 30 seconds Bundling will make it easier to cut into even pieces after they're cooked been briefly shocked in ice water dry and cut into three centimeter long pieces Place rinsed rice water and mushrooms into a rice cooker then turn it on So chef I think the rice is done okay? Oh, did he ready wow? And I can smell the smashing mushrooms very nice Let's mix the salmon, okay? So that the ingredients are discrete it evenly Okay, so we're going to add some seasonings no need seasonings So salmon there has enough salt in it We don't need anything else, so it's fine as it That's 500 you if you don't have salted salmon you can grill some fresh salmon mix the grilled fresh salmon into the rice along with some salt the Aleutians Chef Saito is using some red lacquered bowls that lend an autumn touch It's important to give our dishes a seasonal touch if possible And this is Sammy That will add a little crunch to it and yes, and that meet somebody Okay And it finished Our dishes for today are complete chicken teriyaki with a glossy sheen Also, salmon and rice giving us a touch of autumn Now it's time to eat Our food is ready yes, and it looks fabulous I mean the whole table looks very Autumn so our main dish today is chicken teriyaki and a chef has added some color Green Green to it with by adding broccoli, and that makes it wonderful and this rice It's just fantastic

It has three colors into it As well as the sesame seeds sprinkled on it, so it looks very feminine just looks wonderful So may I tried that chicken teriyaki Okay, yes start with this look how glossy it is mmm that's so Juicy, I'm very Tender and a pencil and by adding that little sun show em Hmm at the end it gives it a Refreshing Flavor no, I thought marinating the chicken For 10 minutes would actually make the chicken flavor a bit strong, but it's just right Yeah, there's more to teriyaki than just a sweet and savory sauce ah It's wonderful And you know a lot of people don't like to leave the skin on the chicken thighs, but yes, it actually adds some Depth of Flavor to it so by cooking the skin well you get these brown bits And when you put it into your mouth it just it has that toasty for Senshu, it's the chicken teriyaki mmm That's one point Oh Boy, yes, and I see what you mean because there are brown bit of depth of flavor That's right Yeah Have you loved it is something new for it when you cook this oh, I learned so much today I'm gonna have to try it at home right away before I forget

Yeah, so try the salmon rice Yeah, let me love – looks Wonderful I Have to take the Shimeji mushroom and the Salmon and one bite mmm wow, this is wonderful very simple, but Hmm, so flavorful, it's good Yes, because you have the right amount of saltiness from the salted salmon And you have that texture from the Shimeji mushroom? It's a little bit of crunch and the meat suba add it at the end actually It just it makes it so refreshing in your mouth when you take that first bite dose and because the chicken teriyaki is quite Savory Mm-Hmm This is a fantastic balance It's so wonderful How perfect

Thank you soon, right? So the flavors of autumn today really came together by on using chefs various techniques, and I hope that you learned the basics of Making a teriyaki dish yes, and once again Thank you for all the wonderful tips that you gave us today Japanese cooking have lots of Little tricks yes to affect flavor Well, thank you so much chef for teaching us today Thank you, and thank you all for what? Now let's review today's dishes beginning with the chicken teriyaki Make cuts on the bottom part of the chicken by using the heel of a knife cutting through the tufts in you then cut the whole thigh into 4 pieces mix sake Mirin and Soy, sauce in a bowl to make the teriyaki sauce Marinate the chicken pieces in the sauce for 10 minutes Meanwhile separate the broccoli into small Florets blanch in salted water shocked in ice water and dry Put the chicken into a sieve and drain Heat the bore until the skin is nicely seared clip each chicken piece Cover and let it steam for three minutes Add the remaining teriyaki sauce and cook the chicken for three minutes basting constantly When the chicken has developed a sheen removed from the sauce reduce the sauce in the front When the sauce thickens spoon it over the chicken At the broccoli and Sprinkle powdered Sancho Pepper to make the salmon and rice Line a frying pan with parchment paper add the salted salmon cover and cook for five minutes over medium heat flip once Cover again and let it cook for one minute Remove the skin and Bones and flake the flesh into pieces Cut the hard bottom part of the she made a mushrooms then separate the mushrooms into pieces bundle the Mitsuba Blanch in salted water shock and ice water and cut into three centimeter long pieces place the rinsed rice water and Shimeji mushrooms in a rice cooker and turn on When the rice has finished cooking fold in the salted salmon pieces and portion into Bowls Sprinkle with sesame seeds and meats above and it's done Why not use these delicious autumn ingredients at home?

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