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Dinuguan Recipe (Filipino Food)



What's up guys today, we're going to show you how to cook dinuguan, aka chocolate meat! Dinuguan is a rich savory meat stew that contains cuts of fatty pork meat and pork organs, all of which is stewed in pig's blood, vinegar and other spices In our recipe we'll be using pork stomach

We know it looks a little suspect, but it's about to be sooooo good! First what you want to do is pour some water into a pot You'll want enough to be able to fully submerge your pork stomach Next heat your water until it reaches a rolling boil We'll be using this boiling water to blanch the pork stomach So that it becomes firmer and as a result will be way easier to cut up

When it's at a boil carefully place about one-and-a-half pounds of pork stomach in And blanch it for about two minutes Afterwards go ahead and pull it out and let it cool for about ten to fifteen minutes or so Depending on the size and the shape of your pork stomach You might need to first cut it into more manageable pieces

Then trim off any excess fat and stringy fibers that may be hanging loose Next try to flatten your pork stomach on the cutting board and cut roughly one inch wide strips out of them You might have to get a little creative on how you cut them because pork stomach is usually shaped a little wonky Then diagonally cut your strips into little bite-sized pieces Now it's time to cleanse the pork stomach so that it's a little more palatable

Go ahead and transfer it into a strainer that's placed in a sink Give everything a good rinse for about twenty to thirty seconds or so Next sprinkle in a half tablespoon of salt And then pour in about two tablespoons of calamansi or lemon juice Afterwards reach right in and mix everything, making sure to constantly squeeze the heck out of the pork stomach

The salt is going to help draw out the slime, and the lemon juice will help rid of any inherently funky flavors of the meat Do this for about a minute or so And then rinse the stomach again with water and continue to squeeze everything also Repeat these steps another one to two times When you're squeezing the pork stomach, squeeze as hard as you can to draw as much of the slime out as possible

If you have any pent-up stress, this is the perfect opportunity to channel it Soo angry Hah! Haaahahaa But anyways, once you're done, it's finally time to start cooking Start by heating up two to three tablespoons of oil in a pot

Then add 1 diced medium onion And saute it until it becomes translucent Next throw in four cloves of minced garlic And continue to saute everything until the garlic becomes fragrant Then add in and evenly spread your pork stomach

Add in one and a half cups of vinegar or one cup if you prefer your dinuguan to have less of a vinegary taste Followed by two tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 bay leaves, 1/2 a teaspoon of oregano, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, and 3 cups of water The height of the water should just about cover all of the ingredients Otherwise, you might need to add a little more depending on the size of your pot Quick sidenote, make sure not to stir the ingredients

Otherwise, it'll potentially intensify the taste of raw vinegar Bring everything to a boil Once at a boil, drop the heat down to medium-low and simmer covered for about 45 minutes When the time is up fork a piece of pork stomach to check if it's tender If it's tender go ahead and drop in 2 pounds of cubed pork butt

You could also substitute for pork belly if you want some more of that fatty goodness Pour in another 2 cups of water or so, more or less, but just enough to submerge all the ingredients Cover and simmer everything for another 30 minutes Afterwards for cookies of pork to see if it's tender if the tenderness of the pork is to your liking, it's time to add your pork blood You'll want to pour in ten ounces of pork blood Continue to simmer your dinner go one for another hour uncovered and occasionally stir it

When it's done add in one to two jalapenos And one teaspoon of garlic powder And mix it in At this point taste your sauce and see if it needs more salt In our case we ended up adding a half a teaspoon of salt

Stir everything together And simmer for another five to ten minutes covered, or until the jalapenos are slightly soft And then, OH MY GULAY! We're done! Now all you have to do is plate a couple scoops next to some white rice and let's eat! It's talagang tasty AF!

Source: Youtube

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