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Diwali Special मालपुआ – Halwai Style Malpua Recipe In Hindi – Indian Dessert Recipe – Seema



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Diwali festival is coming near and on this festival there are no sweets, that's just not possible

So today I'm going to share with you a very simple, delicious sweet recipeand that is Malpuas

So come let's make Malpuas Here I've taken 1/2 cup flour And this is 1/2 cup all purpose flour So together this becomes 1 cup You can make malpuas out of flour or all purpose flour

Or you can take half and half, choice is yours Now in this we'll add about 3 tbsp semolina We'll mix this well Now in this we'll add 1/2 spoon fennel powderthis gives a very nice flavour to the malpua Crushed green cardamom We'll mix this

Here we've taken 4 tbsp khoya, in it I've added milk and mixed it well Now we'll add this mixture to the flour Now we will add milk, gradually we'll add the milk and keep mixing it You can make this dough in milk as well as water But by making it in milk, this dough turns out to be more tasty

This mixture is ready and there are no lumps in it Now we will fry this And its consistency has to be that of a dosa batter, little thinner than that If you feel that your mixture is thick, you can add some water You can make it in oil, as well as clarified butter (ghee)

When we will fry the malpuasbefore that we will heat the oil, and cook it in low flame

Before frying we'll prepare the sugar syrup To make the sugar syrup we'll take half cup water In this goes in 1 cup sugar In this will go, crushed green cardamom And some saffron

By adding saffron, the colour and the taste turn out nice We'll stir this Sugar has nicely dissolved and now we'll slow down the gas flame And keep this on low flame for 4 to 5 minutes Now we'll fry the malpuas on low flame

We don't have to spread this with a spoon, it spreads itself We have to deep fry the malpuas We'll slowly flip this We have to cook the Malpuas on low flamebecause otherwise they cook from outer layer andinside, the all purpose flour remains raw Till the malpuas fry, we'll keep stirring the syrup as well We don't have to make this to one or two thread consistencywe just have to dissolve the sugar well We have to fry the malpuas till they are golden brownyou can see how well the colour has turned out to be Now we'll switch off the sugar syrup gas Now we'll remove this, and fry rest of the malpuas same way

After frying we won't immediately add the malpuas in the sugar syrupso that they cool, and then we'll add it to the sugar syrup

Rest of the malpuas have fried well too You can see, the malpuas have become nice and soft Malpuas have fried well, now we will dip them into the sugar syrup While dipping the malpuas in the sugar syrupwe've to ensure that the syrup is slightly hot Let the malpuas sit in the syrup for 3 to 4 minutes so thatthe malpuas absorb the syrup well till inside Now we will remove the malpuas and serve them For garnishing I've taken some silvered pistachios

Soaked, silvered almonds A pinch of fennel seeds powder Some fennel seeds, which we have not pounded Here are the malpuas absolutely ready You can have this with rabdi, as well as fresh cream, it's the best combination

Do make this on the occasion of Diwali, and enjoy it with your family and friends Heartly wishes to you all for Diwali For such festive recipes, Subscribe to Swaad Anusaar

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