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Diwali Special Mathri Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy



Diwali special mathri is a perfect snack to serve with tea We can store them for upto 15 days they won't be spoiled These are all the ingredients required for mathri recipe To begin with mathri recipe add 1 spoon fennel seeds in a hot pan And add 1 + 1/2 spoon white sesame seeds and dry roast them together We will roast them for about half minute only Keep the spoon moving all time while roasting them Roasting sesame seeds for more than half minute will make them taste bitter In about half minute, they start cracking, now we take them out of the pan Add about two spoons of desi ghee in the same pan Add half cup of milk And add 1/3rd cup of sugar and mix well We will cook it until all the sugar dissolves For which it won't take more than 1 to 1+1/2 minutes Turn off the flame and put it away for now Now filter and add half cup of all purpose flour in a mixing bowl And add one cup filtered wheat flour to it Filtering will make this mixture fine and it'll be easy to mix it together Now mix them well together Now add and mix 2 spoons of semolina to it Knead this mixture using the milk mix we made earlier Milk is still hot so use a spoon to mix it Now knead with some force and pressure The dough will be very soft because we have ghee (clarified butter) in this Add roasted fennel and sesame seeds to it We will make soft dough with this, if your dough is too loose for some reason, you can add some dry flour to it Similarly if the dough gets too hard you can add a little milk to make it just right You need to cover and put away for 5 to 7 minutes so semolina could absorb moisture Dough is ready after 7 minutes, now we will cut to shape mathri Roll the dough flat on a flat surface Here you can see its thickness For cutting we are using this little square container, you can use any container, bowl, or even cookie cutters Press and cut off mathries off the dough We will reuse the remaining dough You can see perfect mathries are ready to fry Add some desi ghee in a hot pan to fry these If you don't want to use desi ghee you can use any cooking oil you prefer Turn flame to sim when ghee gets hot and fry mathries in it We will fry these mathris on sim gas, so they could get well cooked from inside too Flip and fry them from all sides Since we have used milk in these, they will have longer shelf life and won't be spoiled any time soon After frying for 10 minutes on sim gas when they get golden brown in colour, they are ready Take these mathris out on a absorbing paper so all the extra oil could be absorbed These mathris can be stored in a airtight container after they cool off completely they won't be spoiled for 15 days Serve these with hot tea, everyone will love them If you liked my video then please press the like button below And do subscribe to my channel And do press the bell icon so you don't micc any of my new videos Thank you

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