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-Welcome to "The Cooking Show" — "Cooking Show" in a time of corona We're here at my apartment in Brooklyn because we can't go into the office

I'm here with Ian, if we could show Ian [ Laughing ] We could show you -Take a photo of ourselves -Yeah [ Laughs ] Should I take a photo of him? It is pretty good, huh? This is life now

[ Camera shutter clicks ] By the time this thing airs, you'll probably be stuck in your apartment for the last month, and you'll be like, "Man, you know what I wish I could eat right now is some Taco Bell" Guess what? You can make Taco Bell at home now with this simple recipe We're gonna make Crunchwrap Supremes A Crunchwrap Supreme is a tortilla with beef, queso on top of it, a tostada in between — that's where the crunch part comes in — sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheese And then it gets, like, folded up in a nice little package

If you're stuck at home, and you're craving Taco Bell, this is what you want to make This is funny I wonder — 'cause I feel like my neighbors, they're gonna be like, "What is that bitch doing in her apartment?" [ Laughs ] It's fine This is a little spice blend I made There's cayenne, there's paprika, there's ground cumin, onion powder, garlic salt, ground coriander

But we're gonna take this and mix it with about one pound of ground beef I'm gonna just marinate it, and you don't want to, like, overwork it Just massaging it in there Okay Let me wash my hands

What song do we sing while we wash our hands? ♪ Jingle bells, jingle Bells ♪ That's the only song we can sing that artists won't get mad at us for I don't even have any soap on my hands ♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, hey ♪ Okay, so we're gonna make a queso right now — nacho cheese We're using Velveeta Look at those cubes of Velveeta

Aren't they adorable? We love Velveeta It was invented in New York, so the rest of the world, you're welcome It melts really well It won't separate like a cheddar would for this We're also gonna use Oaxacan cheese

It's from Mexico, from Oaxaca, and it's kind of, like, melty And I would compare it to, like, mozzarella Actually, I've got some here as snacking cheese Umoh [ Laughs ] Anyways, I'm gonna put it in a double boiler over here Equal parts Velveeta to Oaxacan cheese We're gonna add a little bit of milk

I'm gonna add like 1/3 cup If I need to add more, I can This is, like, the best queso recipe You can use it for anything Look

It's already melting away More snacking cheese Mmm It's so good Okay

Get our other ingredients ready You only really need, like, one to two tomatoes And I'm using, like, a half of a beefsteak I have nothing in my fridge but cheese, essentially Like, come here for a second

Let's look at how many kinds of cheese we have Oaxacan, cheddar, Monterey Jack, two more things of cheddar, Gruyère, provolone sliced and cheddar sliced, more Oaxacan cheese, cream cheese, moldy Jarlsberg, which I'm not gonna get rid of yet 'cause it's fine, more Gruyère, [laughs] mozzarella, burrata [ Laughs ] More cream cheese I'm never gonna run out of cheese I'm good to go

There might even be more cheese in there, but this is — that is pretty incredible, right? -That's pretty good -Gonna prep all of our ingredients And now, gonna shred combination of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese You're gonna have, like I said, the queso And then you're also gonna have this — this melty cheese

So much cheese We're gonna heat up a little bit of oil in here You can already smell all the things inside of it This is gonna be a good shot on the wide I hope they use these shots with you, like, sitting up there

Wait So growing up for me, my parents didn't like Mexican food They don't really like ground cumin They don't like cilantro a lot So, like, tacos for me were going to Sizzler

My sister and I were like, "Ooh, we're making taco salad," and we would get chips and then put everything on top of it And that was — ah, this smells so good — that was my first experience, or my experience growing up with tacos Now it's like, I've been to Mexico, you know? [ Laughs ] I know what a real taco is All right, I'm gonna add a little bit of cornstarch and I'm adding water right into it It's gonna dissolve the cornstarch into that

This is called making a slurry This is gonna help thicken this up I'm gonna let it just, like, kind of cook out a little bit, too So, like, I think that marinating your beef — you don't have to do that So, like, you would add the spices in, like, right now or whatever

But it's adding, like, one more layer of, like, extra flavor to it? you know? It's gonna taste a little bit better All right, that's basically done Let me see this Like, it's crazy how this is such a, like like, this is crazy [ Laughs ] I'm gonna add a picked jalapeño into this, too Totally don't have to do it, but pickled jalapeños are so good The big takeaway from this recipe is this queso recipe you can use — delicious

It's gonna taste really good, better with a pickled jalapeño And then you're making your own spice blend for taco meat So, what's not to love about that? You can survive the apocalypse with Taco Bell still All right This is gonna go right in here

Let's mix it on there This is perfect now Whoa! Oh! The small things in life that give you pleasure now That is good Okay

I'm ready to assemble Oh! Do a little Sicily? Sicily Times are trying, but you can still Sicily Sicily 'Cause what goes better with Taco Bell than beer, really, at the end of the day? Now, this is where things don't really get tricky

They get nothing It's just easy It's not — this is, like — this is the hard part Basically, we got tostadas, and you've got tortillas, and we're gonna stack them as best we can And we're gonna take this, and we're gonna cut a hole in these

Okay? You have this This is literally — I made a breakfast sandwich out of these scraps the other day, which was not easy, but you can do it You can make chips out of them, cut them up and fry them Don't take these away Obviously, do not

This is food It's good We're gonna assemble Let me grab my other tortillas I guess you could 'cause I also have some in there

I have some round ones [ Laughs ] Wait, that's so funny I didn't think about that [ Laughing ] I could just use these Son of a bitch! Why didn't I? I have so many! Let's see which one comes out better

God damn it I hate you -[ Laughs ] -Okay Sicily I actually need a drink now

Mmm We're gonna assemble All of this stuff will make about four Crunchwraps, okay? So we're gonna do 1/2 cup into the bottom of this, then I'm gonna take some queso, and we're just gonna drizzle queso over the top And then we're gonna go with our tostada Actually, I like kind of using this 'cause then it's about the same size as the tostada instead of that, otherwise you'll have too much

All right, that's why we're doing it That's why I knew there was a reason On top of that, we're gonna do some sour cream Just gonna lay it down thick

-[ Laughs ] -[ Laughs ] Some lettuce We're gonna do some tomato — spread it out into a nice little even layer Gonna do a little bit more of the shredded cheese here So just layers of cheese Then we're gonna do that little guy

I'm gonna smush it down a little bit And now I'm gonna heat up my pan And so this — once I make the folds on this, I can put it directly into the pan Heat up a little oil in that Fold one part up

And see how this just kind of automatically wants to fold like that? Then we're gonna go like that again Gonna fold it there We're gonna fold it there And remember, you're kind of keeping it all held together with your other hand Fold it there, and then just like that

So, then you're gonna want to cook this seam-side down Now we let it cook, let it get nice and brown Sicily Ooh, okay, ready? Gonna flip it -Ooh

-Yeah, that got golden fast When you cook it seam-side down, it seals everything together Okay, ready? Nice and crunchy — Crunchwrap Look at that You've got your beef, your nacho cheese, your tostada in the middle, some crunchiness, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and your other cheese

So good I'm gonna cut another little piece here It's just, like, gooey and delicious This is everything you want during coronavirus and just life in general because we'll get through this This will all end

While we're getting through this, you might as well cook some fun stuff at home It's gonna be good Mmm It's so good If this is what Taco Bell actually tasted like all the time, sign me up

It's got spiciness It's, like, crunchy in the middle still Sicily Sicily Sicily

It's delicious Make it at home Have fun For the recipe, click the link below Hang in there

It's gonna get better, everybody [ Clicks tongue ] ♪♪ So, we're cooking off the other Crunchwraps with the larger tortilla, not the cut-out tortilla And this is what happened It kind of unravels and doesn't stay together as well So

in your face!

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