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DIY – Tin Can Survival Cook Stove



it's two minute Tuesday last time I showed you how to make a buddy burner and today I'm going to show you how to make a stove to go with that buddy burner and the best part is it only takes two common household items a key element to survival is working with limited resources and making do with what you have or what you can find quickly the tin can stove is as simple as it gets and can be used to boil water efficiently or heat your food there are many variations to the tin can stove and each has their pros and cons today I'm gonna show you the most simplest way to make it find yourself a tin can a coffee or large beam can works well and you will need a can opener like this remove any labeling next use the can opener and poke some holes around the top of the can these will serve as exhaust bins now punch some holes around the bottom you'll want plenty of them so that the burner isn't smothered use caution as the edges will be sharp and will cut you push the punched tin back into the cam like so there are two ways to use this stove with the open end down place the tin can stove over the lid buddy burner this is the most quickest way to use the stove there is nothing more warming than the orangish glow of the flame now place your container on top of the tin can and wait for the water to boil another way to use the stove is with the open end up if you use the stove this way I would use some tint pegs or stakes push through the holes but place them on top to form a grill this will keep your water container or cup from falling into the stove using a cotton firestarter and a lighter and make quick work of building a stick fire toss some small sticks in first to get it going then use some bigger sticks as the fire grows if you throw too many sticks in too fast it will begin to smoke just give it a second and it will recover you want to have a good fire going to bring the water to a quick boil now that the fire is going strong it's time to sit back reflect on your amazing fire building skills the water has begun to boil now and it's ready for a cup of tea hot chocolate instant coffee or soup so there you have it please like and share this video and also subscribe to the channel since you're already there go ahead and click that Bell icon so that you'll get notified if any updates let me know in the comment section what tin cans you might have used and if you have any video suggestions go ahead leave those comments as well I'm Berlon Burch, I'll see you next time

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