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DJ BBQ’s Perfect Steak Recipe



Hey, DJ BBQ is here to barbecue, let you watch the fun of eating, the ultimate steak – hip Rounded corners Look at these beautiful bad boys

Oh, they are so nice! It is the fillet of half the price of the filet mignon We are talking about the hips, the projectiles, It is cold Man with hips rounded, Dutch cold You have to vomit that G Haha

First make sure you take your cow out Cook the refrigerator for at least 60 minutes You want them to have room temperature These things are thick and it takes a while Come here now, we will get our butter swing We have a knife and put it in the butter

We started Well, it's like a popsicle with a heart attack And our salt-free butter, we won’t let It melts The fat of butter is to give us The meat has caramel In the meantime, we have to sort out steak

This is sea salt You want them Melt on the meat, pepper on the right Now, I use pepper, but sometimes pepper Can go to bitterness They actually burned the steak We have to put pepper on the most Later, we let the steak rest so only salt, it is very simple

So, do one side and then reverse them There are many surface areas of rock and flavor The butter has melted and let our steaks grill Oh! are you ready? Here we are gone You want a nice barbecue and it's warm

The right amount of heat Feel it, oh yeah! Two steaks are on the grill, we have to give them a minute and then flip them over So basically you have to scorch outside and let all the gravy lock inside We want a beautiful taste on the outside with coke 1 minute is enough, it is time to flip

I cook my steak one side for one minute and flip it three times I like my steak too cooked Shake your hips Oh, one minute is enough, sorry Ok, we just did two sides, now we Be a neighbor and block the taste of all the gravy

I may even use a few Pliers because I am doing two steaks at the same time, look at this Agile! I want to use the left-hander, I want to use the left-hander Ok, we have blocked all the sides, now it is When the herbs are So if you want to know how to make this, just Click on the herbal brush Ok, we have to immerse the grass brush Butter, then we want the steak to have a splashy taste

And you see a light This is all right This will help us give the steak a beautiful character Once you brush it with herbs, flip it and hit it again for a minute We are going to kiss the steak hahaha

So much taste! You know, our steaks are good The time you used to cook the steak, you Use the same time to get your steak off Let all the moisture and The gravy comes back to the muscles so when you cut it it is just juicy And beautiful I can see you like it, please, I want to eat! Well, um, you have to give them a break, okay? Ok, so we want them to go straight On the side of the barbecue, we are going to let them rest for about 4 to 5 minutes When they rest, you add pepper

You have to add pepper to both sides of it Let our steaks leave the grill! And we already have a nice, half-cooked steak Swinging here is just the way I like it This is perfect Look at these gravy there Oh my God

Oh, my god, these are beautiful One to take the camera Guy Do you know, I always eat first, I think Not good, because you have to shoot it all! Listen, this is just for you Ok, ready, 1, 2, 3 Oh, right? I am very happy to sit down

The steak's buttocks are perfectly finished with herbal brushed yellow butter and Salt and pepper, but if you want pimp it, I have this beautiful Chimichurri (a sauce) You can sprinkle there, with garlic and parsley And parsley Oh, that vinegar will just set it up! If you want to learn how to make Chimichurri click on the bottle sauce now do it yourself A taste, the person who clicks on it Chimmichurri, very beautiful in meat

This is the ultimate steak of DJ BBQ What do you want me to cook? you guys Can be raised I want to hear from your comments below Make it happen! and, Also make sure you click on this item if you haven't subscribed yet I am a DJ barbecue, I am here

Source: Youtube

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