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Dolly Tutorial: How to Boil Perm Doll Hair and Progress on Lace Wigs for Lori Dolls [CC]



Hello, this is Sea Hedgehog, and you're here again on my channel, A Jest in Sober Earnest, and we're going to boil perm a doll head So I have a pot of water here, boiling, and I'm going to stick a head in it

This is my LoriDoll Mikayla, and I'm going to say rerooted, because I think that's the word that's most familiar to people who aren't familiar with this channel and might come here, but it's really not rerooted So I took out all the hair, I took out all the hair plugs, and I made a lace wig, the advantage of that being that while the individual hairs that are laced into the wig cap are less study than rooted hair, it can be styled like human hair and it looks like human hair when it's parted So that's why I did it, but I wanted to give her back her super curly hair, so I'm going to boil perm this nylon, so that's what we're doing So I'm not entirely sure how long it needs to be submerged I'm going to try not to submerge the head because I don't want to screw up the face paint, but I might have to

The idea is that you're getting the hair hot enough that it will melt and permanently deform into the melted configuration So yeah So this is unlike perming human hair Human hair is a protein–well, it's cells with a protein surface–and so how you perm human hair is that you have to use a chemical that breaks something called a disulfide bond–and I don't want people's eyes to sort of glaze over, but I think it's sort of important to understand the difference between boil perming and chemical perming, which is what's sone with human hair, and if it helps you, great, if it doesn't, feel free to ignore it But basically, the proteins on the surface of human hair have a specific amino acid that has a sulfur to it, and those sulfurs can form a chemical bond with one another and form a curl

So the more disulfide bonds you have in your hair, the more curly it's going to be and that kind of depends on your genetics, so what is done to both curl and relax hair is something called a Redox reaction–oxidation/reduction–oh shit! There goes her belly part Sorry! Lost my train of thought It's dependent upon genetics How many disulfide bonds Redox reaction: what is it? Reduction is adding hydrogen bonds, so when you relax hair, if you have naturally curly hair and get it chemically relaxed, it's going through a reduction; if you're curling it, it's going through something called an oxidation, and yeah, it's a chemical reaction to get your hair do do the thing you want it to do

When you boil perm nylon, none of that is happening Nylon is technically a protein, so you would think perhaps you could chemically perm it like human hair, but the issue is it doesn't have the amino acid in it–it doesn't have any amino acid in it It's like a synthetic, it's made of synthetic amino acids, and it doesn't have the sulfur, so it's not the same That's why it really matters what type of fiber you're working with when trying to decide how the hell you're supposed to dye something Anyway, so this I think, is the hair dyed, or the the hair boiled–this is my depot, which is why I'm saying dyed

So I've boil permed it, we're going to turn the head off, we're going to let this [dyepot] cool off; and then what I think I want to do, is I think I want to hair dry this Hello, this is Sea Hedgehog, and you're here again on my channel, A Jest in Sober Earnest, and I'm here with an update So, you've seen from my instagram that I've been doing some rerooting The first part of this video was a boil perming tutorial that I thought I would show you some results from dolls of the same category So the first one is Our Generation Kaori on the Obitsu 11cm body

They're all on the 11cm body, just some of them have been altered slightly This girl is on the actual 12cm body, not the belly spacer with the longer arms and legs that you can find more detail regarding the various spacers for the box opening video for this body But I thought I would show you the reroot that I've done So I've actually changed her hair color from black to pink, and if you look here, it's done as a lace wig I don't think I really have good enough focus, but you can see, each hair is individually rooted into the head cap, and so it results in a more realistic style able hairstyle

So I can style the hair in any way I want and it will look like a real part I did two hairs per hole this time around, so I guess it isn't each hair is individually rooted, it's every two hairs are individually rooted And while I've found that it does give her thick hair, this is actually thinner than the rooted head, so that's interesting So the boil perm I did on her was I actually wet the top of her hair and then I blow-dried it to get it at the same heat as boiling, and I talk a little about how boil perming works and the differences between boil perming and chemical perming in the other part of this video And the other boil perming I did was actual boil perming

So the other doll that I did was Our Generation Mikayla on the same body–that was white skin, and this was normal skin–and I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between this body and the other I think it's long torso, short everything else, so she just has a really long torso It kind of makes her cute, her tummy sticks out This is what happens when you boil perm I was super nervous when I was making her curls that they weren't going to be tight enough to be to scale and I think Iv'e surpassed actual ringlet curls and gone straight to actual textured hair, which wasn't entirely my intention, but I think it looks good nonetheless

I thought there would be some relaxing and some expanding after the boil perm was complete, but the reality is there was no such thing, so in the future, for people interested in doing this, the width of whatever you use to boil perm is going to be the width that you get, and how I did it was I used florist's wire and I folded it into a little v But you just bend it into a little v, so not like the bobby pin, but the more historical hair pins for thicker hair, and then you just figure 8 the hair around it and twist the wire at the end and you end up with a more zigzag wave–see this is more of a zigzag, than a spiral curl And part of the reason I did that is it's easier to do a zigzag wave than a spiral curl It's harder to get it to stay at the start And it takes a little bit of effort to detangle all of the curlers, but once it's out, this is what you end up with

So this is Mikayla Yeah, not entirely sure how to style this I don't want to take too much of it off because it was such a bear to put all of these curlers in I have no idea how many curls this is, but it's a lot The hair sections, if you look at where they come from the scalp, are maybe only 4mm wide, so it's a lot I do think it's really cute

There she is I think I want to to is just part it a little bit and then coax it down a little bit just slightly so it's a round hairstyle than having these little spikes It's not quite full enough, although I guess I could backcomb it if I wanted to be like an afro, if I coax it up like this it just ends up looking really sparse, so I don't know if I want that So–and this is alto two, this is also two hair fibers in each knot or hole So then, what I have next is two more dolls

And I'm kind of hoping for some recommendations at the bottom of this video if you have any ideas I need to do more wigs for these dolls, and I'd like them to each look different I think I am either giving Kaori, yeah Kaori, this straight hair, which is very long, or I'm going to give her the Hime style, that has the two shorter and maybe some bangs I think that stands for princess, but it's a very specific haircut, I think from Japan, just because I've never had a doll with that kind of haircut, and I think it would be fun, especially in this pink color So what I have left–her body fell off, and I didn't put it back on, but I didn't do it because generally, for the rerooting, I remove their lower body, just because it kind of jiggles around and is kind of annoying

So this is January and this is Maryse So I need recommendations for the color of their hair I don't really know what I want to do So my options, I have lots of options My inclination is to do lace wigs for both of them; although, I do have this, so I could give one, crazy, crazy blue hair, like this

It'd be pretty long and curly Here is is for her, which might be kind of nice because January does have either silver or ice blue eyes She's got some smudges on her face that I need to rub off, but I won't do it until the lace wig making because that will be quite a thing I'm actually leaning toward, for January, this platinum blonde or white color, just because it is similar to the hair color that she had, but more importantly it gives her this winter look, with her ice blue eyes and her white hair, so that would be an option I have some purple that I could do if I want to do a fun color, but I don't know that I want all of my dolls, or half of my dolls to have an abnormal hair color

Another thing that I might consider too, since I've been liking this boil perming is to do some spiral curls But let me show you the colors that I have I could do a yellow I don't want to use mono fiber because the mono fiber doesn't boil perm, so ideally, I want to do this I have this darker, bronzy color that I'm going to reroot my Doll Family H doll with

I do have tinsel, so I have either clear tinsel or gold tinsel that I'm going to have excess of, so I could use that I do have silver, which might be interesting I could use silver Kiwi nylon on January I actually might–that might be a good idea if I don't do the platinum blonde I have gold, so I could do gold with tinsel through it

I think this is nylon So I could do this Nylon boil perms well, which is why I'm interested in using it This is like a, I don't know, it reminds me of a steampunk, because it's got this coppery machine color with this blue There's a blue copper oxide and a green copper oxide and one is two and one is three; it's been a while since I've taken organic chemistry

Um, What else do I have? I have some red, so I could do even more of a red, but then I would have two red haired dolls and I don't think that this color difference is significant enough that you would notice So that's a consideration, and I don't know that I have anything else I guess I have my different shimmers that I've been rerooting my American Girl Doll with So I've got–this coral color, I have a pink color, and then I have a bright pink color, which is right here Also shimmery

Yeah, but that may be it But yeah, that's sort of my plan, ideally But yeah, I'll be interested to see what different people's responses are down at the bottom I would like to hear from you guys as well as to any recommendations that you might have with regard to styles of hair, so I'm going to have a girl with really long hair, I'm going to have this almost afro, I might want to do some short hair; although, I would like to make it styleable I always think that if I put together the effort to make a lace wig, the reason I make a lace wig isn't for the natural hairline; although, that's a nice plus, it's more to style, so cutting the hair off kind of defeats the purpose

Although with my Hades doll, I will be cutting it off It will be hair that's kind of this long: real long on top, but kind of a bowl cut, well, not a bowl cut, a bog Well, what else, so length, but also I would like to do some boil perming, so if you can think of some other hair textures I'm kind of considering doing ringlet curls, so if you have a recommendation for Maryse, this is January, January or Maryse, to have ringlet curls I also have to decide on names for these dolls

I'm super tempted to name this doll Valentina, because of her pink hair; however, I do already have a Pullip whose last name is Valentine because she also has pink hair, so I'm uncreative So if anybody has an alternative suggestion for that as well I don't think I want to keep Mikayla either as a name, but I do think I should make them themed in some way because I do tend to theme name my non-BJDs Although I guess the theme for my BJDs is just that the name be weird and not something that I can find and somebody that I would know So yeah, that's this video


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