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Don't fry the squid, it's so delicious and healthy to cook this way!



Hello everyone! Welcome to Momo's Amazing Food channel Today we use baby squid to make a delicious home-cooked cuisine First prepare 2-kilo baby squid I used frozen squid from grocery store You can also buy fresh ones in the market Frozen baby squid need be defrosted first Soak in cold water Wait for them to fully defrosted Just like this Add 400 g of water to the pan and bring to a boil Add the prepared baby squid The purpose of blanching is to let the water in the seafood ingredients come out a little bit For further cooking it won't produce a lot of soup Blanch for one minute Just like this Remove squid from the pan Put it in cold water to avoid being too soft Then we prepare some ginger Set aside in a dish Prepare some scallion I use scallion, but you can also use shallot Also set aside Prepare a few coriander Chopped up Set aside Side dish prepared sweet pepper yellow and red Cut them into small pieces About 1 cm cubes Just like this Prepare an onion The onion can be cut a little bigger Because of onion’s flesh is thinner than sweet pepper so it is more easily cooked Brush evenly after adding oil to the pan Add some ginger when small bubbles are saw on the edge The oil temperature is just right Add all the ginger and scallion Stir fry Add a piece of hotpot soup base sauce (40 g, spicy flavor) and a tsp thick broad-bean sauce (10 g) Hot pot base is used to increase the spicy taste It has butter in it and, butter at low temperature like in a fridge it appears solid and not easy to dissolve So to use a small fire to make the butter will dissolve slowly This piece of hotpot soup base sauce is stir-fried The butter is completely melted Just like this Add the blanched baby squid Stir fry Let the thick broad-bean paste and hotpot soup base sauce apply evenly to each one It is the time Add the side dish sweet pepper and onion And the time we add side dish add 3 g of salt immediately and 3 g of sugar, too Add 3 g of cooking wine Quick stir fry Add 3 g soy sauce And 2 g dark soy sauce and 2 g oyster sauce to make the taste seafood flavor Because the broad-bean sauce that I put before is salty and so salty seasoning to put after the side dish, like soy sauce and oyster sauce should be less than normal stir-fry dishes Wait until white steam pop up like this You are supposed to turn off the stove Do not fry for too long In that case, the onion will go soft The taste of onion is not crispy enough Before serve, adding some chopped cilantro always makes the dishes more beautiful and fragrant Here we go, a nice and delicious Spicy Fried baby squid is done Use baby squid as the main ingredient at home to make such a plate of small seafood it is really tempting squid have low calories and contains a lot of protein Side dishes have a lot of vitamins Onion and sweet pepper are very healthy vegetables This small seafood dish is perfect for making at home Because the recipe is simple and it take less than half an hour to serve the table I, Myself can eat almost half of the dish I have put the recipe and methods of cooking below and so do some seasonings’ purchasing links Give it a try! All right That is all you need to know about this lovely dish Momo’s channel share delicious and tasty food recipes Also cuisines that far beyond your expectations Subscribe my channel and click the notification bell if you don’t want to miss any thing amazing

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New Cookery Recipes
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