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Doraemon’s Favourite DORA Cakes – 5 Mins Homemade Recipes for Kids | CookWithNisha



Doraemon is almost every kid's favourite & Doraemon's favourites is a Dora Cake almost all kids like it so I am going to cook these Dora cakes without using eggs so hit the LIKE button if you like this recipe also SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking on that red button So lets get started for preparing its bater we take 1 cup of Maida 2 tbsp of sugar 2 tbsp condensed milk we add it as as a sweetener 2 tbsp melted butter 4 tbsp fresh cream Baking Powder – 1 tsp mix the ingredients well start adding milk in small intervals & continuously stirring its bater we need to make it of flowing consistency to avoid lumps in it so mix it very gently don't stir it hardly otherwise pancakes will get hard bater is ready with smooth & thick consistency now we make pancake using this bater grease this pan with little butter remove the excess butter with a tissue paper pour this bater on pan with the help of a spoon no need to spread the bater it will get spread gradually by itself allow it to cook for about 1 to 2 minutes on medium low flame you can clearly seen the bubbles over it & pancake changed its colour so flip it after 1& 1/2 minutes and roast it on other side as well now it got cooked from the other side too take it out on a plate likewise make the pancake with the remaining bater pancakes are ready now its turn to stuffing these pancakes here I took nutella for stuffing or you can use chocolate spreads if you want so we take two pancakes so I put chocolate spread on this first pancake like this you can keep its quantity according to your liking now place another pan cake over it likewise prepare all other pancakes & Dora cake is ready here kids like to eat these Dora cakes Dora cake is basically a Japanese Snacks where they use red bean paste for its stuffing but here we use nutella stuffing to cook it in an Indian Version so how easy to cook these Dora cakes you can pack these cakes in your kid's lunch box or give it as a breakfast or in evening snacks tell me in the comments below if you've liked this recipe so will see you in my next video

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