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Dorm Room Recipes: Watermelon Salsa



Hello! Welcome to our makeshift kitchen right here at NC A&T where cooking is made easy Try this twist on salsa made with watermelon to quench and satisfy you during these hot summer days

Here we have your basic ingredients which include watermelon, limes, cilantro and jalapeños And if you don't like cilantro like myself, you can use mint as a substitution Carefully cut the watermelon into parts Slice the watermelon into small cubes You can make this also yourself, or you can also do this with your friends

If you don't want your salsa too spicy, cut out the white fleshy part inside of the jalapeño Have your friends chop the onions and the cilantro while you chop up the jalapeño Now, let's put all the ingredients into the same bowl Put in 2 cups of watermelon 1

2 The cilantro, the onion, and finally, the jalapeño Take the lime and add a little lime zest into the bowl Add juice from two freshly squeezed limes Add salt and toss all the ingredients together Okay, it's ready you guys – you can try some

Yay! Sure! Waiting on this all day Pretty good! Yeah, I know right? I dig it!

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