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Raj:Hey alok Total 5 kg of meat Will keep meat piecies in the bowl Ponna raju due to sickness He wont be available today with us Hope he recover from illness Please pray for him and hope he become healthy again Now we gonna clean the meat with water cut this Be careful dont cut my finger other wise I wont taste the meat Where you got this knife ? Chore bazar (thief market) Now we have cleaned the meat very well with water Now will fry the meat and eat without waiting Can filled with 5 kg meat Now we already cleaned the meat Now will add garlic add some cinnamon sticks Will add salt,turmeric powder then we will boil the meat Mashed garlic is ready so lit the fire We will add all this ingreidents in cooker Will boil for 15 minutes Mash the garlic Am ready guruji lit the fire Keep meat in cooker Guruji :First we have to add spieces in the meat Keep it fast we have less time Now we add meat in cooker catch this meat can Be careful,knife is very sharp We dont have time now so to cook fast We are using the cooker Biryani spieces Cooker has become too tiny Will add some water Add some salt in the cooker Add some Cumin seeds Turmeric powder Add some cloves to keep spicy cinnamom sticks Add some cardamom To have good flavour smell Keep it on fire for 15 minutes and wait for 5 whistles atleast There is some water in Pan wait some time untill it cleans up Add some oil Onion slices Adding garlic and ginger mash Once the onion slices become golden brown then add almond seeds 200 grams of cashew nuts 200 grams of raisin Red chilli powder Now in dry fruit masala Will add cooked meat Now its ready Its looks beautiful I brought my plate first There is no ponna raju so am eating behalf of him

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