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Dudh Pak | દુધ પાક | Sweet Dish | મીઠી વાનગી | Recipe in Gujarati.



Hi Friends Welcome Back To Chetna Ni Rasoi Friends Shradh Is NearBy So For the Ancestors We Are Going To Make Dudh Pak So Lets Make Dudh Pak ,The Ingredients are Full Fat Milk 15 litres 1 cup sugar ,1 Small Cup Rice (you can also take basmati rice 1 small cup of chopped pistachio I had sokaed the almonds and removed the skin 1 tbsp almondette kernels, 1 tbsp eliachi powder and 1 tsp nutmeg powder first we will boil the milk take the utensil of a bigger size than required measurement of milk so that you can make dudh pak properly i have taken 2

5 litres utensil for 15 litre milk the milk has been boiled properly ,now we will add the rice in it we will cook dudh pak on medium flame we will keep it stirring occasionally rice has been cooked we will not add sugar until the rice is cooked properly now we will add sugar, you can add sugar as per yoursweetness here i will add 3-4 spoon of sugar now the sugar will start melting and the colour of milk will also change so that we will come to know the dudh pak is ready but for now we will let it cook and stirr occasionally Dudh pak is ready and the sugar water has burned now we will turn off the stove and we will add the rest of the ingredients we will add 1 tbsp almondette kernels 1 tbsp elaichi powder 1 tsp nutmeg powder 1 tbsp crushed pistachio grated almonds mix well now we will keep stirring it and reduce the temperature of dudh pak Dudh pak is ready you can serve it cold or little warm you should surely try this at home

Source: Youtube

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