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E100 How to cook 'Eating Dirt' Lunch for your friends in Office| Ms Yeah



[Translated by Thảo Mi (Army BTS)] Hi everybody ! I am Ms Yeah Please put the big thumb up and down this video and register my channel Down below this video Sign up for my channel And don't forget, Click the next bell icon You can also follow me On the Instagram or Facebook page, we talk more

Love you [ Sound ] [Clacking] This is the land Bro Lu, you go here The land for your lunch Sigh [Music] [Subtitles translated by Mi Rona] [ Music ] [ Music ] [Music] [ Music ] [ Music ] [Subtitles are translated by Thao Mi Vmin 1995] [ Music ] Lotus leaf fish [Lotus leaf fish] Flower Cake Cooking Cat [Edible] Sand hot try dirty beans [ Music ] [Music ] [Music] [ Music ] [ Music ] [Please enjoy any music] [Enjoy music with us] How does Ms Yeah eat? I would like a Mono-Eye Yeah Everyone please surgery for me! Huhu you criminal get yours but here Come here, come here Who knows that? Who knows that? You know this! Please be a little taller! At least 10 times So this is the part behind the scenes You draw a handful

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