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E94 Cook Steak with the Gramophone of My Boss | Ms Yeah



Lubang Oh, the pants are gone President THE PRESIDENT: No! Don't let it go! I practice dancing (participating in the festival) Tong Tong: I'm going to eat delicious food President President Chief: They're all like me Chief: Everyone's full speed to go work Chief: Tong Tong! Especially you His plan today should be given to me I can not go Tong Tong: It's so every time Chief: No problem, but I will still give some gifts Chief: "Nobody sleeps tonight" They're all talented Tong Tong: a lot of aggressor President: What happened to my registration player? Who did it? Tong Tong: Chief, you came late at night, if not you'll see? Chief: I did Well let's go Oh, everyone, everyone worked hard yesterday Keep working Wow, my turntable Creative video, don't imitate

Source: Youtube

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